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A former Conservative MEP has defected to the Liberal Democrats in order to fight for a People’s Vote on Brexit.

There are still many questions to think about when it comes to another EU referendum. Former Conservative party adviser BARNABY TOWNS argues that anti-Brexit campaigners should be pushing to stop the Article 50 clock first.

A new poll has found that voters will desert the Labour Party if it pushes through Brexit.

JANE MERRICK on the wrangling at Westminster and the problem it doesn’t address

A new poll has found that fewer than four in 10 Britons believe the UK was right to vote to leave the EU.

Boris Johnson has said that the proposed television debate between Corbyn and May would be a “false choice” between two Remainers.

The first economic analysis of the government’s proposed Brexit deal concludes the UK economy will be hit by £100 billion each year by 2030.

A People’s Vote is the only way out for MPs who are too afraid to vote with their conscience, says DAVID COLLINS.

Michael White on the increasingly hopeless manoeuvres from all sides as they realise the finish line is near.

As they struggle to make headway, the Liberal Democrats need to do more to promote the one issue they have always held the high ground about – Europe.

Theresa May has repeated a claim that a general election before Brexit is not in the national interest.

Leading French journalist Marion Van Renterghem meets Tony Blair, one of Remain’s Don Quixotes suddenly realising their task might not be as futile as it first seemed.

The claim that the Lib Dems are “the only UK-wide party willing to stop Brexit” simply isn’t true says Green activist Nate Higgins.

As conference season looms one party has the chance to seize the initiative, says JANE MERRICK, as she outlines why their annual gathering is vital for the Lib Dems

A new poll has found that the Labour Party needs to oppose Brexit to stand a chance of beating the Conservatives in a snap election.

Speeches have emerged of prominent Brexiters supporting a referendum on a final Brexit deal from as far back as 2011.

A former Liberal Democrat leader has been forced to apologise after missing a key Brexit vote in the House of Commons.

Since the referendum politics have taken an anti-European turn. But, asks BARNABY TOWNS, what has shifted in political and public opinion?

JO SWINSON guides you through seven steps you can take to help fight Brexit.

Next Tuesday there will be an almighty Brexit showdown in the House of Commons.

It seems that, having done its dirty work, UKIP is content to fade into the background.

Tory posturing gives Labour’s leader an opportunity... but will he take it, asks JANE MERRICK

Sir Vince Cable has said that the Lib Dems are “on the way back” after this week’s local elections which saw the party reclaim Richmond council for the first time in eight years.

As an EU national who has resided in UK for the past eight years, I will be using the ballot box in May to articulate my discontent with Brexit.

Both sides of Brexit think the BBC is biased towards the other side, as Chris Grey’s excellent piece points out. This may indicate that the Beeb is doing the right thing.

This May there will be another opportunity for anti-Brexit voices to be heard as the next round of local elections take place around England.

The Conservatives have burned away some of their traditional supporters in their pursuit of Brexit, and are heading towards a reckoning in the capital of Remain.

Why those attacking the BBC are picking the wrong target.

James Ball explains why when it comes to Brexit we are all just passengers in the back seat.

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Grassroots anti-Brexit campaigners are increasing the pressure on politicians ahead of the meaningful vote. Here is a list of the events organised across the UK in the coming weeks.

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