The “centre of gravity” on Brexit is shifting towards a People’s Vote, the Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable has told campaigners in Bristol.

Veteran BBC journalist GAVIN ESLER delivers an excoriating blast against broadcasters, Leavers and the lies that have left the country a more divided, poorer place.

Immigration targets will have to be scrapped after Brexit to allow companies to recruit enough staff, the Confederation of British Industries (CBI) has said.

While the country burns around him former prime minister David Cameron was once again spotted at a festival - surrounded by women and with a cocktail in hand.

Britain has turned into a “rudderless place” which has lost trust in its government due to Brexit.

Drug giant Sanofi has started stockpiling medicine in preparation for a no-deal Brexit.

When Danny Dyer attacked former prime minister David Cameron his comments went viral. Now the former Leave voter has turned his attention to another politician.

STEVE ANGLESEY rounds-up the losers and the losers (because there are no winners) of another crazy seven days on Planet Brexit

MICHAEL WHITE sees a glummer holiday ahead amid fears we may end up worse off than in the seventies.

“Vote Leave,” they said. “It’ll be great,” they said. “We will give £350m a week to the NHS,” they said.

Senior BBC editor JAMES STEPHENSON responds to Cohen’s article on behalf of the Corporation.

Claims a boost in NHS spending could be covered by a ‘Brexit dividend’ have been rubbished by the Office for Budget Responsibility.

Psychotherapist Emmy van Deurzen on the impact of Brexit on mental health and the launch of an initiative which tries to help those affected

Despite his attempts to escape the real world, Bonnie Greer says Donald Trump is in for a shock.

It’s interesting that Theresa May lectures other EU leaders on security, even though it has always been low on her agenda if present at all.

Two years on from the referendum, the public call for a People’s Vote vote is clear.

There is no Brexit dividend. There is only Brexit debt.

Public health in the UK has been underpinned by a network of cross-border initiatives. But they are all now at risk. Professor MARTIN McKEE reports

The president’s protectionist agenda poses a very real threat to the NHS, warn HOLLY JARMAN and TAMARA HERVEY

Post-Brexit Britain is pinning its hopes on a US-UK trade deal. Such a deal would open the door to the destruction of the NHS as we know it, says Youssef El-Gingihy

Spanish nurse Joan Pons Laplana talks to KATHRYN BREITNER about the experiences of EU staff on the front line

Its European staff have long been a backbone of the NHS. But, as Dr MIKE GALSWORTHY explains, Brexit has had a chilling effect

Sometimes it takes a voice far removed from the debate to change its direction. Queen Vic landlord Danny Dyer might have done that argues JANE MERRICK

Touring Fuengirola’s seafront it isn’t only the British pubs adorned with the Union Jack, souvenir touts or pasty tourists that put you in mind of Skegness, Blackpool or Great Yarmouth.

The People’s Vote march received just the kind of snarky criticism we have all come to expect, says MITCH BENN.

Two years on from the referendum, what do we now know about Brexit? Professor AC GRAYLING explores the facts and reveals what must happen to stop the UK crashing out of the EU.

The latest demands to change the laws on medicinal cannabis must be based on scientific evidence, says TRACY KING.

Surely even Theresa May must agree that Boris Johnson’s alleged response of “f*** business” to a question at a diplomatic event about business concerns about Brexit renders his position untenable.

Remainers have swamped London in their tens of thousands to demand: “Give us a say in Brexit.”



Grassroots anti-Brexit campaigners are increasing the pressure on politicians ahead of a series of important votes this year. Here is a list of the events organised across Britain in the coming weeks and months.


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