MITCH BENN discusses how closely politics and Christmas should be linked.

A senior BBC journalist talks of the crisis of confidence in the BBC’s newsrooms and the weakness of Lord Hall, Jacob Rees-Mogg teams up with the Earl of Suffolk, and Kwasi Kwarteng drowns his sorrows alone in Lily Allen’s club.

The BBC ended up in a game of “cat and mouse” as it attempted to block an anti-Brexit campaigner out of shot throughout a television news interview.

SOPHIA DEBOICK on a forgotten TV classic from the 1970s, which treated its viewers like grown-ups.

Nigel Farage believes that Brexit would not have “got over the line” if it hadn’t been for the single issue of immigration.

In June more than 100,000 campaigners marched against Brexit. On October 20th organisers are expecting an even bigger crowd calling for a People’s Vote.

Gina Miller re-enters the fray on Brexit with a bold new initiative, the Russian link to the new woman in Boris Johnson’s life and how Andrew Marr silences his critics.

Independence Day this week only served as a grim reminder that in 2018 America has an unprecedented president who considers himself independent of all the norms of domestic and international behaviour, writes PAUL CONNEW

Alastair Campbell upset both the BBC and Nigel Farage waving a copy of The New European on one of its major political programmes.

Thousands of anti-Brexit campaigners are marching on Westminster on the second anniversary of the EU referendum calling on a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal.

One of Britain’s best Brexit bloggers CHRIS GREY reveals the excuses that leavers are hiding behind, and why they won’t wash

Trump’s new top legal representative is emerging as a key political strategist, says PAUL CONNEW.

Relations between journalists and politicians should never be too cosy, but being personally rebuked by a home secretary is always going to give an editor pause for thought.

With Theresa May’s Brexit deadline just 331 days away, it is becoming even clearer Britain is not ready to leave the EU.

The broadcaster’s problem is a bad case of liberal guilt, argues Chris Grey.

Politically active and opposed to Brexit, but marooned in a Labour Party which doesn’t reflect his views, MARTYN SLOMAN’s predicament is one familiar to many. He has some advice to those in a similar position.

As Trump scraps tax reform and Alabama shocks the world PAUL CONNEW looks at the two sides of a nation divided.

Why not subscribe to the award-winning New European? After all, it is the only really good thing to come from Brexit.

We pick out the worst Leavers of a week in which people came together and united behind the opportunities which lie ahead. Probably.

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