MICHAEL WHITE on May’s mission impossible as Tory unit trumps all again.

Mandrake can disclose the BBC has a Remainer register of talking heads it deems to be ‘unsound’ on the most divisive issue of our times.

STEVE ANGLESEY looks at the strange sidekick making plans for Nigel Farage.

Boris Johnson coined the phrase ‘bog roll Brexit’ to explain how the government’s plan was unravelling, but the term might have a new meaning given the latest revelation about Brexit.

Working class British men that voted overwhelmingly for Leave will be hit hardest by Brexit, a new study has found.

Tesco has followed Aldi in announcing that it will become the latest supermarket to consider stockpiling for Brexit.

The prime minister has announced plans for a “festival of Brexit Britain” in a bid to quieten discontent from MPs at the start of Tory party conference.

After publishing his “plan for a better Brexit” in the Telegraph comedian Patrick Kielty felt incensed to give the politician a lesson on the Irish border.

Sir Rod Stewart believes that the public were “fooled” into voting to leave the European Union, and has added his support to the long list of celebrities backing a People’s Vote.

A Question Time episode featuring Jacob Rees-Mogg and Rod Liddle wouldn’t normally offer a glimmer of hope for Remainers, but there was one moment that did.

Alastair Campbell has hit out at Tory Brexiteer Nadine Dorries after she accused Remainers of trying to “weaponise” the Irish border issue.

Readers react to the latest announcement from Jacob Rees-Mogg and the ERG.

Readers react on the letters pages to the suggestion a People’s Vote could be held without staying in the EU as an option.

The opposition leader forgot the Labour’s six key Brexit tests on the same day the party claimed Theresa May’s Brexit plan was failing them.

A Tory Leave MP was left looking like a bit of a lemon after carrying out an “analysis” of the fruit and vegetables in his local Tesco.

MICHAEL WHITE sees a glummer holiday ahead amid fears we may end up worse off than in the seventies.

Recent economic results are not good for the UK. When, will​ we blame you-know-what?

Dinner table debate with Tory voters offers fascinating food for thought…

Macron’s election raises the stakes in the governing game

Put simply, if enacted, Brexit will mean Britain will leave the European Union.

Brexit power 100: influential figures from the worlds of politics, the media, entertainment, finance and football, and from all sides of the debate

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