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MICHAEL WHITE on a week when things started to shift... but in which direction?

The UK government is barrelling down the Brexit motorway while ignoring the no-deal shaped brick wall in front of it, writes MICHAEL WHITE.

STEVE ANGLESEY rounds up his Brexiteers of the Week and the latest Wetherspoon's pub propaganda.

A dominant, if unconventional, Irving Berlin was confounding the critics, as music took its first tentative steps towards 'pop'. SOPHIA DEBOICK reports

Theresa May's divided cabinet has headed north in a bid to come together over her Brexit strategy.

Former education secretary Justine Greening has denounced Theresa May's Brexit plans as the "worst of both worlds" and has called for a referendum on the final say.

Labour have launched a bid to strike a "new single market" with the EU in an apparent lurch towards a softer Brexit.

The corporation's critics should be wary of following POTUS' playbook, says Liz Gerard.

As global crises mount, The New European's Editor-at-Large says Britain's foreign secretary has nothing to offer.

DICK TAVERNE was deselected as an MP over his pro-Europe views in the 1970s. He has some advice to those on both sides of the House now facing similar threats.

MICHAEL WHITE on the negotiation countdown, the Norway model and why we can't just muddle through.

When stand-up, fantasy football fanatic and novelist David Baddiel first became famous hecklers were in the audience. Now, talking to NATHANIEL TAPLEY, he explains how trolls have become a new, nastier version of the loud-mouth in the crowd

Jeremy Corbyn is facing calls for Labour to combine with other opposition parties to keep Britain in the EU single market and the customs union.

Christopher Chandler correction: In an article headlined "Who is hacking Brexit? And why we need our own Robert Mueller inquiry" published on 25 November 2017, our columnist, Liam Byrne MP, claimed that Mr Christopher Chandler had "helped to lead a boardroom coup to emplace Alexey Miller, Putin's deputy from St Petersburg days, as head of Gazprom". Mr Chandler strenuously denies any allegation that he helped to lead a boardroom coup to emplace Alexey Miller as head of GazProm. We did not have a basis to make this claim, which suggested that Mr Chandler had acted with an intention to place Miller, an associate of President Putin, as CEO of Gazprom. We also reported that Mr Chandler lives in Singapore. In fact, he does not (and has not) lived in Singapore. This correction has been published following an upheld ruling by the Independent Press Standards Organisation.

Brexiteers have deluded themselves with a belief in the native pluck of the British which will eventually win the day.

The Cabinet is "united" in backing a transitional Brexit deal which would mean continued access to migrant labour, Michael Gove has said.

The Daily Express and Daily Mail battled hard to prise Britain from the EU - a year on they are still fighting

The cracks within the cabinet are growing deeper by the day.

Tim Farron slams Andrea Leadsom over 'stupid' calls for 'patriotic' Brexit broadcasting

What next for the pro-European cause in the Conservative Party, asks a Tory peer who has fought an often lonely battle against Brexit

We pick the most wrong and unstable Leavers from the week in Brexit

It is one of the great Brexit paradoxes: farmers voted in high numbers to leave the EU, yet no other group benefits as much from European largesse

The UK would be welcomed back with open arms by the EU if it turned its back on Brexit after the General Election, the European Parliament's president has said.

We sort the chaff from the chaff to bring you another 10 of the worst leavers of the week

Newspapers have waged along battle against the titans of the internet. But in there are double standards to be found in their latest line of attack

With effortless charm, a rapier wit and a champagne flute in his hand Noel Coward was a quintessentially English figure. Here theatre director Matthew Townsend explores the woman behind the man, his brush with the Nazis and the impressive legacy he left

Turkey was on progressive path, but Europe sent it in a dangerous direction

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