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Much on display this week, John Bercow’s trademark belligerence – along with his circumlocutory rhetoric – are tactics he learnt young, says his biographer Bobby Friedman

A defiant MP has said he quit his local Tory party because he would not be “bossed around by a very small number of people” hankering for a no deal Brexit.

As Labour’s travails over anti-Semitism deepen, the Conservatives are showing themselves hopelessly tone deaf on diversity, reports JANE MERRICK.

Theresa May’s closed mind has brought her country to the brink of disaster. NICK COHEN’s damning verdict on a prime minister unfit to lead.

A third of the Cabinet could walk out if Theresa May steers the country towards a no-deal Brexit, former Conservative Sarah Wollaston claimed amid speculation that more MPs could quit.

After an appearance on The Last Leg, ALASTAIR CAMPBELL credits the man behind his withering insult aimed at Nigel Farage.

Ken Clarke says that despite the Brexit debate being dominated by Eurosceptic voices from the Tory party, it goes against the long-standing general opinion within the Conservative Party.

European Research Group chair Jacob Rees-Mogg has u-turned on his views on Theresa May - days after he demanded she quit.

For months headbangers in the European Research Group have threatened the prime minister.

Recent Tory leaders have put the interests of their party ahead of the country but, as ALASTAIR CAMPBELL argues, Theresa May is putting her personal interests ahead of both.

Lord Michael Heseltine has warned his party that the Tories will be seen as responsible once again for lowering living standards if Parliament votes for Brexit.

It was a day of defeats for Theresa May - sparked by Tory infighting and the loss of support from her DUP allies.

Delia Smith has reasserted her support for a People’s Vote, saying that it would be “more democratic” to check with the people whether they really want the “chaos” surrounding Brexit.

I am struck by the comments of Theresa May that her Brexit plan will stop EU migrants “jumping the queue” when it comes to working in the UK.

Theresa May’s letter pleading with the country to get behind her Brexit deal was met with a furious response from many.

STEVE ANGLESEY rounds up his Brexiteers of the week and David Davis’ Spice girl revelation.

The Conservative party is failing workers and business with its focus on Brexit, the UK boss of a German industrial giant has warned.

Too often Jeremy Corbyn has shirked his responsibility to hold the government to account on Brexit – not today.

European Council president Donald Tusk has used his latest speech to respond to comments made at Conservative party conference.

Blustering, bumbling and bilious though it was, Boris Johnson’s Brexit broadside has ignited Tory conference.

Dominic Rabb has told Tory conference the prime minister’s Chequers plan is not perfect.

In JAMES BALL’s most recent Deconstructed, he takes aim at a Tory party divided by a doomed obsession with Brexit ahead of their party conference in Birmingham.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn used his conference speech to declare that “all options are on the table” regarding Brexit.

The Conservatives risk a “catastrophic split” unless the prime minister dumps her Chequers plan, according to a leading Brexiteer.

In the absence of any leadership, party discipline or coherence on Brexit, the Tories have fallen into a state of constant, low-level civil war, with colleagues openly sniping at one another.

Amber Rudd has slammed Boris Johnson over his newspaper column that savaged the prime minister’s Chequers plan.

MPs are returning to work and the pre-Tory conference Battle of Brexit has begun.

This past week we saw just how catastrophic the government’s Brexit strategy could be for young people.

ANDREW ADONIS talks Tory party loyalty, and Tom Tugendhat

Sexism is a malevolent force within the Tory Brexit right, says Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

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