Mitch Benn provides a handy guide on how to tackle the most common arguments supporting Brexit.

MICHAEL WHITE says the most likely next steps will involve an extension of Article 50.

Actor EDDIE MARSAN, who has become a leading online critic of Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters, on why the far-left misunderstand the working class, and are failing it over Brexit.

Steve Anglesey takes on the hi-vis, low-IQ ‘Liberty Defenders’.

Steve Anglesey on why the Benedict Cumberbatch-starring referendum drama is going to be a struggle for Leavers and Remainers alike...

The political situation in Northern Ireland leaves many unionists unrepresented and Brexit is serving only to heighten this sense of disconnect. PADDY HOEY considers where it might lead

A grouchy MITCH BENN stays up late hatching a plot to finally put an end to Brexit.

JANE MERRICK writes about an immovable political object facing irresistible forces.

After 12 months of lunacy, Steve Anglesey names his twit parade, with JRM of the ERG at number one.

Has my criticism of the BBC’s coverage of Brexit led to my “famine” of TV and radio appearances, asks ALASTAIR CAMPBELL?

Disagreement between Theresa May and Jean Claude-Juncker appeared to spill out into the public on the second day of the latest EU summit.

A Dutch politician has made an appeal to Britain not to leave the European Union - by recreating Love Actually’s most memorable scene.

You can’t have a second referendum, but Brexiteers are entitled to call a fresh vote on leadership. Got it?

American model and author Chrissy Teigen has tweeted that she “cannot grasp” British politics after a vote of no confidence was called in prime minister Theresa May.

Remain MPs have warned Theresa May that she cannot run from democracy, as Downing Street confirmed the meaningful vote on the government’s Brexit plan would be delayed.

Theresa May spent almost £100,000 on Facebook adverts promoting the Brexit deal before the vote was pulled.

Bonnie Greer’s touching tribute to the Second World War pilot who became an iconic social justice campaigner.

Readers are turning away from the BBC for their Brexit news - CHRIS CLODE explains why they’ve switched over.

STEVE ANGLESEY picks his four worst Brexiteers of the week.

PM flies out of Heathrow rather than Brize Norton to buy extra time to sell her deal, Liam Fox afraid to talk to Channel 4 News and Mandrake’s part in Sam Gymiah’s resignation.

Downing Street has spent more than £50,000 trying to promote the Brexit deal online.

Cabinet minister Liz Truss has been accused of being loose lipped in a busy London restaurant.

After Jonathan Franzen’s puffed-up advice for aspiring writers got a mauling online, CHARLIE CONNELLY offers his own, less pretentious tips.

Veteran anti-austerity and anti-Brexit activist Harry Leslie Smith has died aged 95.

Boris Johnson has said that the proposed television debate between Corbyn and May would be a “false choice” between two Remainers.

RACHEL JOHNSON on hobnobbing with the high priests of remain. And getting a screen break from Brexit.

Arch-Brexiteer Nadine Dorries MP has slammed Theresa May’s Brexit plan because it will mean that the UK will be left without influence in Europe.

A video of Theresa May mocked up as a Deal Or No Deal contestant has gone viral on social media.

Twitter has speculated that Brexiteer Michael Gove could still be plotting... after seeing his choice of breakfast.

Steve Anglesey rounds up this week’s top Brexiteers and explains why Theresa May’s endgame is heading for the dustbin of history.

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Grassroots anti-Brexit campaigners are increasing the pressure on politicians ahead of the meaningful vote. Here is a list of the events organised across the UK in the coming weeks.

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