Boris Johnson became the talk of Twitter after reports that he was planning a dramatic u-turn to back Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

A Brexiteer appears to have accidentally come out in support of freedom of movement on the social media network Twitter.

The rising popularity of translated fiction shows we remain a country keen to look and learn beyond our shores, says Charlie Connelly.

STEVE ANGLESEY on the soggy throng of the pro-Brexit protest March to Leave

Donald Trump’s get out of jail card could sentence the US, writes James Ball.

MICHAEL WHITE on a week when things started to shift... but in which direction?

A London council has defended putting adverts on bin lorries telling EU residents “this is your home” after Twitter users suggested the message could be misconstrued.

Activist MAURICE STIERL reports on how he helped organise the recent rescue of a group of migrants at sea.

New investigations, fresh scandals emerging, Republicans considering alternative candidates, has it all gone wrong for Trump?

The photograph was posted to Twitter by the foreign affairs minister for the Netherlands, Stef Blok.

GARTH CARTWRIGHT talks to Horace Panter of the ska pioneers about the band’s astonishing new album, politics and painting.

In this week’s Brex Factor, STEVE ANGLESEY takes on the fact-less Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski and names his Brexiteers of the week.

March 29 is a full stop, writes JAMES BALL, and it is hard to see a way back for Remain afterwards.

After an appearance on The Last Leg, ALASTAIR CAMPBELL credits the man behind his withering insult aimed at Nigel Farage.

A Brexiteer MP has been criticised by historians for his “totally false” statements on Twitter about Europe and Britain after WWII.

Our diary reveals how Brexit is proving good for Jacob Rees-Mogg’s businesses, the bill for Theresa May’s charm offensive ahead of the vote on her deal... and why Fiona Bruce is the lady for David Cameron.

Mitch Benn provides a handy guide on how to tackle the most common arguments supporting Brexit.

MICHAEL WHITE says the most likely next steps will involve an extension of Article 50.

Actor EDDIE MARSAN, who has become a leading online critic of Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters, on why the far-left misunderstand the working class, and are failing it over Brexit.

Steve Anglesey takes on the hi-vis, low-IQ ‘Liberty Defenders’.

Steve Anglesey on why the Benedict Cumberbatch-starring referendum drama is going to be a struggle for Leavers and Remainers alike...

The political situation in Northern Ireland leaves many unionists unrepresented and Brexit is serving only to heighten this sense of disconnect. PADDY HOEY considers where it might lead

A grouchy MITCH BENN stays up late hatching a plot to finally put an end to Brexit.

JANE MERRICK writes about an immovable political object facing irresistible forces.

After 12 months of lunacy, Steve Anglesey names his twit parade, with JRM of the ERG at number one.

Has my criticism of the BBC’s coverage of Brexit led to my “famine” of TV and radio appearances, asks ALASTAIR CAMPBELL?

Disagreement between Theresa May and Jean Claude-Juncker appeared to spill out into the public on the second day of the latest EU summit.

A Dutch politician has made an appeal to Britain not to leave the European Union - by recreating Love Actually’s most memorable scene.

You can’t have a second referendum, but Brexiteers are entitled to call a fresh vote on leadership. Got it?

American model and author Chrissy Teigen has tweeted that she “cannot grasp” British politics after a vote of no confidence was called in prime minister Theresa May.

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