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Opposition parties - including Scotland’s first minister - will meet in London to plot to bring down Theresa May’s Brexit deal and to secure an extension to Article 50.

A no-deal Brexit will wreck the economy, the SNP’s Westminster leader has warned.

Trials for a new heart drug has been halted due to fears over Brexit.

The government has been accused of a Brexit power grab amid a furious row with Scottish and Welsh ministers.

Brexit has become indelibly linked with Scottish independence north of the border. But PETER GEOGHEGAN investigates a delicate political situation.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has told hardline Brexiteers “you’ve had your chance and failed”.

Ministers have claimed they are listening as they table a number of EU bill amendments to curb Henry VIII powers, but Labour says “nothing has changed”.

A post-Brexit trade deal with the US could result in UK consumers eating “dirty” turkey, chicken and other poultry, food policy experts have said.

David Davis has admitted no assessment of the impact Brexit will have on the UK economy has been done.

A crunch Brexit meeting is “not a deadline” according to Number 10 as talks over the Irish border continue to stall progress.

The New European’s editor-at-large on why his passionately anti-Brexit stance stems from a love of Britain

Only 11% of the public believe the UK should leave the European Union without a deal, according to a new survey.

Millions of families already struggling with soaring prices could end up being another £500 worse off if Britain crashes out of the European Union without a deal, according to a report.

Labour’s Brexit divisions have become apparent once again with trade spokesman Barry Gardiner saying staying in the customs union would be a “disaster”.

Uncertainty over the final outcome of Brexit negotiations has left Britain’s healthy credit rating “under pressure”.

A Scottish minister has stated he is “not 100% convinced” the battle for Brexit is over yet.

Brexit not only drastically exacerbates the NHS’s current problems, it also poses an existential threat to it

Angela Merkel has said the UK has “illusions” about the realities of Brexit and insisted talks on the UK’s divorce bill from the EU must be dealt with before trade negotiations can begin.

The Brexit Committee has called on the Government to publish a thorough assessment of the consequences of crashing out of the EU

Britain is ill prepared for the Brexit trade negotiations. They will be gruelling, tense and very complex - and the Prime Minister should re-think her tactics

Donald Tusk has revealed his tough Brexit negotiating tactics and predicted two years of confrontation between London and Brussels

Theresa May is right that now is not the time for a referendum on Scottish independence. But if she disagrees with our timeframe, she must set out her own alternative

A family story of the close family bonds between Ireland and the UK, and what Brexit might mean for Ireland.

People can, and regularly do, change their minds. The public should be given that option once the Brexit deal is done.

Brexit has given new life to the Scottish National Party’s obsession for a new vote on independence

A C Grayling’s powerful 5 point comeback tackles the government’s Brexit plans

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