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STEVE ANGLESEY picks his four worst Brexiteers of the week.

Anti-Brexit campaigner David Lammy delivered one of the best speeches in the first day of the Brexit debate in the Commons.

MICHAEL WHITE on the dark forces that circle as the hunt continues for a way out.

Labour could attempt to bring down the government in a desperate bid to foil a no-deal Brexit, Sir Keir Starmer has warned.

Steve Anglesey rounds up this week’s top Brexiteers and explains why Theresa May’s endgame is heading for the dustbin of history.

Sir John Major has issued another stinging attack on Brexiteers following the release of a report that found a ‘no deal’ Brexit will cost young people up to £108,000 by 2050 – the equivalent of £3,000 a year.

Working class British men that voted overwhelmingly for Leave will be hit hardest by Brexit, a new study has found.

Nissan has spoken out about the risk of a ‘no deal’ Brexit - but the company’s boss fears their warning won’t be heard.

Labour are losing the battle to control the national conversation while the Tories continue their inevitable march into Brexit chaos, writes Michael White.

Labour leader flounders as zealots keep of agenda on left and right

Time is running out for a broken parliament

Brexiteers like Jacob Rees-Mogg now claim that leaving under WTO rules will actually make us richer.

Michael White on how Brexit realist Philip Hammond lit Fleet Street’s blue touchpaper.

The prime minister has rubbished her own chancellor’s no-deal Brexit economic forecast as a “work in progress”.

SOPHIE WALKER, leader of the Women’s Equality Party, on how Brexit menaces the feminist cause, and how best to combat it

MICHAEL WHITE is on the hunt for solutions as Europe prepares for its showdown summit.

Helen Lewis on the critical differences between Ireland’s referendum and the UK’s Brexit referendum.

MICHAEL WHITE discusses U-turns from the PM and Boris Johnson as they try to keep a lid on the Brexit betrayal chaos

With Brexit negotiations due to come to a close this year, Michael White suggests that its time for the characters to step aside and the real politicians to step up

The EU and UN are held together by compromises and fudges; so some of their critics do have a point. But JAMES BALL asks; does that mean Britain can back out of the mess?

Tony Blair’s latest Brexit intervention takes aim at the government and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour – read it in full here

MICHAEL WHITE on the transitional deal and the problems that still remain over the Irish border

MICHAEL WHITE on the Kremlin, Rex Tillerson and spreadsheet Phil’s positive spin.

He was supposed to be its biggest fan, but Donald Trump has just declared war on Brexit, says ANDREW ADONIS

The Trade Secretary who travelled all that way for a packet of crisps.

The European Research Group of hard-line Brexit MPs has written to Theresa May setting out their red lines – and it is signed by enough Conservatives to force a leadership challenge.

MICHAEL WHITE on the negotiation countdown, the Norway model and why we can’t just muddle through.

Ministers’ failure to address the implications of withdrawal from Euratom could have dangerous consequences, warns MIKE GALSWORTHY.

MICHAEL WHITE tries to look on the bright side of the fallout from May’s Brexit fudge.

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Grassroots anti-Brexit campaigners are increasing the pressure on politicians ahead of a series of important votes this year. Here is a list of the events organised across Britain in the coming weeks and months.

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