The Olympic year represented a high point for a self-confident and outward-looking United Kingdom, says Sophia Deboick.

A year after the death of The Fall’s leader – and following his own Mastermind tribute – fan MIC WRIGHT ponders the politics of a proven contrarian.

Theresa May has been portrayed as Gollum from Lord of the Rings in an unselling video that pokes fun at the way she obsesses over her Brexit deal.

STEVE ANGLESEY examines the fishy performance of the UKIP leader, Gerard Battern, and names his Brexiteers of the Week.

The People’s Vote March for the Future proves resistance is working, argues Mitch Benn.

Michael Gove’s department has been forced to delete a video promoting UK farming after Brexit – because it featured stock images of farms from EU countries.

We pay for social media with our data. But not for much longer, says PARMY OLSON. With regulators getting tough and consumers more wary, we’re about to start paying in cash.

Advances in technology have created a new phenomenon – social warming – says leading tech writer CHARLES ARTHUR. And its effects are just as incendiary as those of global warming.

Steve Bannon has been alarming Europe with his plans for a new populist force. But there’s no need to worry, says former UKIP official GAWAIN TOWLER, who knows a thing or two about upsetting liberals

The People’s Vote march received just the kind of snarky criticism we have all come to expect, says MITCH BENN.

Tim Walker’s diary focuses on the astonishing 168 films Boris Johnson has commissioned - starring himself, naturally - and asks if Bernard Jenkin will turn up fully clothed at Buckingham Palace for his investiture.

Tim Walker tells all about Daniel Hannan’s Twitter block, Boris Johnson’s latest vanity project and Sir Vince Cable’s hopes for Seabiscuit in by-election

Medicine is one of history’s oldest patriarchies, says Tracy King, and its continuing inequalities explain why women turn to unproven alternatives.

There has been a culture change in the arts when it comes to attitudes to women, says Samira Ahmed. But we must not assume things will keep improving.

STEVE ANGLESEY picks the losers and the losers – because there are no winners – from another week on Planet Brexit

In the fallout of Michelle Wolf’s set at the White House correspondent’s dinner Mitch Benn explores the potholes of a misunderstood joke.

It’s increasingly difficult to pick out individual instances of insanity from the constant droning white noise of craziness, says MITCH BENN

MICHAEL WHITE on gathering storms for vunerable May while Corbyn catches the mood

So. Yeah. Easter. Bit of a weird one. For all that Easter is in many ways the direct counterpart festival to Christmas, the yin to Yuletide’s yang, as it were, it’s always been very much the junior partner. It’s just not as big a deal, for all that in theological terms the two festivals ‘bookend’ the same story.

The young stand to lose the most from Brexit. But, ahead of a series of anti-Brexit events this weekend, 16-year-old activist LEO BUCKLEY offers a rallying cry

From his position inside UKIP GAWAIN TOWLER witnessed the rise of pan-European nationalism. In his first article since quitting as communications chief he offers an insight into a worrying trend.

Stormzy is one of Britain’s most popular musical artists. This highly-political voice is ready, willing and able to take on the establishment, argues Adam de Paor-Evans.

MITCH BENN has taken the words of David Davis to heart and is now ready for dystopia.

STEVE ANGLESEY names the worst Brexiteers of the week.

In dangerous times, the Labour leader needs to work harder or give way, argues MICHAEL WHITE.

From losing seven attempts at becoming an MP to computer illiteracy - these are the 48 things you should know about the former UKIP leader.

It was the year the music business finally got to grips with new technology, Tony Blair quit and Amy Winehouse’s troubles became painfully clear. SOPHIA DEBOICK looks back at a pivotal 12 months

Our culture correspondent on the ‘earworm’ that has become the soundtrack to the summer

Legacy publishers such as the Mail and the Sun are condemning the environment they create

Prime Minister Theresa May has become a much diminished figure on the world stage

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