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The atrocity in New Zealand should prompt a reckoning for the Islamophobia which has infected our mainstream media, says Liz Gerard.

Beware the reckoning... the public inquiry that will leave Brexiteers marooned.

The Tory and Labour defectors have acted as extraordinary political catalysts, says Jane Merrick. They have raised the prospect of stopping Brexit altogether.

Theresa May's closed mind has brought her country to the brink of disaster. NICK COHEN's damning verdict on a prime minister unfit to lead.

The year when music came with a sense of optimism, Orientalism - and often surrealism - as pharaohs and fruit provided the inspiration.

As things get glummer it's hard to know whether to laugh or cry

Boris Johnson looked like he'd blown it. But at a critical moment for Brexit, the former foreign secretary is once again being tipped for Downing Street.

How the killing of Tory MP Airey Neave still reverberates today, by his biographer, the veteran political reporter Paul Routledge.

Brexit is going to blow a hole in the centre of politics. Could a new party fill it? JANE MERRICK analyses the prospects.

MICHAEL WHITE on May's mission impossible as Tory unit trumps all again.

MICHAEL WHITE looks at how public contempt for politicians is increasingly mutual towards the public.

This week marks the 80th anniversary of the mysterious death of the sublimely-talented footballer Matthias Sindelar. CHARLIE CONNELLY revisits the tragic story of a true Austrian hero

You can't discuss Richard Nixon without mentioning his downfall. But on the 50th anniversary of his inauguration, IAN WALKER considers his other legacy, as the man who fired the first shots of America's culture wars.

STEVE ANGLESEY's Brex Factor on Wetherspoon's boss Tim Martin

#83: Lola Montez, dancer and adventuress. February 17, 1821 - January 17, 1861

MICHAEL WHITE says the most likely next steps will involve an extension of Article 50.

Buying and decorating a Christmas tree along with baking 48 mince pies, RACHEL JOHNSON describes her life during the festive season.

Has my criticism of the BBC's coverage of Brexit led to my "famine" of TV and radio appearances, asks ALASTAIR CAMPBELL?

A new poll has found that fewer than four in 10 Britons believe the UK was right to vote to leave the EU.

Brexiteer Andrew Bridgen has told a national newspaper he believes the Tories are hiding the number of letters of no confidence.

British Airways is reportedly seeking the support of the Spanish government to keep its airplanes flying in the event of Brexit.

The most frustrating thing about the culture secretary's apparent indifference to his brief is that there is a much better candidate for his job, says JANE MERRICK

Anthea Bell, who died last month, deserves to be remembered as one of the continent's literary greats, says CHARLIE CONNELLY

The assembled journalists in Birmingham gasped as Theresa May danced towards the podium for her conference speech.

Traditionally the newspapers would preview the prime minister's big speech, but many of the column inches have been dedicated to her rival, Boris Johnson.

Labour leader flounders as zealots keep of agenda on left and right

Leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg has been lambasted for spreading "fake news" after admitting he had tweeted stories he knew were factually incorrect.

Paul Dacre's Canaird River Company - backed by EU subsidies - reports record profits, Boris Johnson still refuses to acknowledge his Telegraph salary... and how Andrew Marr could raise his game if he only listened to his wife on Brexit.

Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson has laid into the prime minister's Chequers plan, accusing her and the government of surrendering to Brussels.

They seem to be creeping more and more into use. But outside the world of showbiz we should be wary of giving public figures the one-name treatment says MIC WRIGHT

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