Extend Article 50 and use the European elections to stop Brexit, it is the only way to stop Brexit argues ANDREW ADONIS.

The Labour leadership's support alone will not guarantee a People's Vote - but it is a crucial step towards one, argues ANDREW ADONIS.

It's time to march in the final race, writes ANDREW ADONIS.

A no-deal Brexit using WTO rules would be disastrous and Brexiteers claiming otherwise are engaging in make-believe, writes ANDREW ADONIS.

Theresa May is likely lose the next big Commons vote. ANDREW ADONIS believes a People's Vote remains the most likely outcome.

The classic Dickensian tale of a grumpy man at Christmas sums up the leaders in British politics this year, writes ANDREW ADONIS.

Remain isn't serious unless it is led by people who can claim to govern the country successfully. ANDREW ADONIS has identified the person he wants to lead.

Jeremy Corbyn is "gradually moving" towards a People's Vote, the former Labour foreign secretary Jack Straw has insisted.

The Labour leader's ultimate ambition is to restore power to Labour members. The only way to do this is to come off the fence and support a People's Vote, says ANDREW ADONIS.

A referendum on May's deal versus remain is the only option, says ANDREW ADONIS

The Trump resistance has won an important battle but the search goes on for a new Obama, says ANDREW ADONIS

ANDREW ADONIS on ignoring the Financial Times and why we should march for a People's Vote

The man behind the magnificent 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony has laughed off the idea he might help with Theresa May's Festival of Brexit Britain.

The shadow Brexit secretary still remains a Brexiteer... for now.

ANDREW ADONIS on our Brexit sovereignty in action, and our moral withdrawal from Europe.

ANDREW ADONIS talks Tory party loyalty, and Tom Tugendhat

Boris Johnson is hellbent on being prime minister, argues ANDREW ADONIS, but his career has been built on cowardice.

The 1987 poll tax brought about Thatcher's downfall. Now Brexit will do the same for Theresa May, says ANDREW ADONIS.

The showdown in parliament may end in a tactical victory for the government, but it represents yet another tragic strategic defeat, says ANDREW ADONIS.

Don't be fooled by the urbane environment secretary, says ANDREW ADONIS. He is from a long line of zealots who have harmed our country.

There is a strong case for action in Syria, argues ANDREW ADONIS. But Theresa May's problem is she can't make it

For the Brexiteers the most important aspect of the transitional deal was not extending Article 50, argues ANDREW ADONIS who warns we are now facing a Tory Brexit by a thousand cuts.

There seems to be something sinister about the BBC's attitude to Brexit. Using his little grey cells, ANDREW ADONIS decides to investigate.

Boris Johnson plays politics like the Roman Emperors he so admires. But with the Tory civil war escalating danger lurks around every corner, writes ANDREW ADONIS.

A vote among party members over Brexit would transform the debate and act as a trial run for the real thing, argues ANDREW ADONIS.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has been ambushed with his own words and forced out of the second referendum closet, says ANDREW ADONIS.

Brexit is the 'third rail' of politics - touch it and you are dead. But a sane strategy could yet emerge

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