Anna Soubry

Anna Soubry has delivered a blistering attack on the Brexiteer politicians that “tricked and conned” the voters of the United Kingdom.

MICHAEL WHITE on a week when things started to shift... but in which direction?

“If TIG should call by-elections so should the MPs in the ERG or linked to Momentum”

STEVE ANGLESEY on Nadine Dorries’ attempts to lecture The Independent Group on party loyalty and her appearance on The Junk Food Experiment.

MICHAEL WHITE looks at how public contempt for politicians is increasingly mutual towards the public.

In an excoriating essay, ZOE WILLIAMS identifies the poison that has infected Britain’s body politic, recovery from which has yet to even begin.

Conservative Remain MP Anna Soubry has urged fellow Tory MPs not to give in “inevitable pressure” to support the prime minister’s Brexit plan.

Steve Anglesey takes on the hi-vis, low-IQ ‘Liberty Defenders’.

A live television interview with pro-Remain Tory MP Anna Soubry on live television descened into chaos as a group of pro-Brexit protesters shouted “liar”, “nazi” and “traitor” at the MP.

Nigel Farage has been blasted by Remainer Alastair Campbell for failing to produce a plan on Brexit more than 900 days after the vote.

Pamela Anderson has put her support behind Jeremy Corbyn, Ozzy Osbourne is clued up on Brexit and John Mann leaves us wondering how Anna Soubry would fare in the jungle.

The divisions within the Conservative party appeared fully exposed in a television debate between Tory Remain MP Anna Soubry and pro-Brexit MP Robert Buckland.

A Game of Thrones star has called on the government to allow voters to have a final say on the plan for the UK to leave the European Unnion.

Remain MPs have warned Theresa May that she cannot run from democracy, as Downing Street confirmed the meaningful vote on the government’s Brexit plan would be delayed.

Lord Heseltine is set to lead a rally in support of a People’s Vote ahead of a crucial vote in the House of Commons.

At the eleventh hour, we need not only cross-party cooperation but a cross-party government, says JONATHAN CHAPLIN.

Ministers have been accused of breaking a “solemn promise” to release the full legal advice given to the government about its political declaration.

MICHAEL WHITE on the dark forces that circle as the hunt continues for a way out.

The first economic analysis of the government’s proposed Brexit deal concludes the UK economy will be hit by £100 billion each year by 2030.

Brexiteer IAIN DALE on his sadness over Theresa May... and the price he’s prepared to pay

Anna Soubry was right when she said the young would never forgive the Tories if it pushes through a bad deal, says DAN SEAMARKS.

Brexit secretary Dominic Raab has sensationally quit government saying he can’t back the deal he helped create.

Cabinet might have approved the Brexit deal, but will their support last? JAMES BALL looks at the challenges Theresa May faces.

So what now? What is the next hurdle for the prime minister to clear?

Tory Remainer MP Anna Soubry has demanded to know who is running the country after being ordered to abstain on a vital Commons vote.

A cross-party group of MPs are set to table amendments to Budget legislation that would force the government to come clean on whether its proposed Brexit deal is better for Britain than staying in the European Union.

The People’s Vote March for the Future proves resistance is working, argues Mitch Benn.

A group of pro-EU activists accused by a Tory of “rounding” on him “like a mob” during the People’s Vote march have released photographs of the incident to dispute his claims.

Sadiq Khan has called on the speaker to make sure the government offers MPs a proper “meaningful vote” on Brexit – calling the current offer from Theresa May a “scam”.

Anti-Brexit figurehead GINA MILLER​ issues a final rallying call ahead of this weekend’s protest

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