Bonnie Greer

Bonnie Greer on the administration-defining showdown awaiting Trump and Mueller in 2019

Bonnie Greer's touching tribute to the Second World War pilot who became an iconic social justice campaigner.

Adrift and rudderless... It's a matter of urgency. Bonnie Greer summarises the UK's draft Withdrawal Agreement.

Is the president unleashing a fierce anger within us all? Bonnie Greer investigates

It is time for the Baby Boomers to step aside and allow the young to take control, argues Bonnie Greer.

Comparing the careers of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford with those of later generations of female stars shows how cinema is changing, says Bonnie Greer.

Bonnie Greer discusses whether the media needs regulating, or whether the politicians do.

Besides the turkey, the tree and the pudding, there are two other perennials at Christmas: one is a broadcast of Frank Capra's It's A Wonderful Life. The movie is the supreme exemplar of the genre known as 'Capra-corn', the credo that there is goodness in the world and a good person will always find it.

Donald Trump's visit to the UK showed Brexit is an existential question, as well as a political one, writes Bonnie Greer.

Despite his attempts to escape the real world, Bonnie Greer says Donald Trump is in for a shock.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown says there is one thing for which we should thank Trump - we no longer feel in awe of the USA.

This week's episode of The New European podcast has landed.

Bonnie Greer discusses a moment working in New York which epitomizes the battle of black women in politics, and society as a whole.

Another week, another great issue packed with news, Brexit analysis and brilliant features on art, culture, travel and food.

Another week, another great issue packed with news, Brexit analysis and brilliant features on art, culture, film and food.

Another week, another great issue packed with news, Brexit analysis and brilliant features on art, culture, film and food

That's 52 issues - not bad for a newspaper that was initially supposed to run for just four-weeks when we launched in July 2016.

Where can I buy The New European? What stories are in the latest issue of The New European?

Not everyone who voted leave is a racist or a xenophobe but the campaign and its aftermath has attracted some dubious supporters

As he prepares to head off for talks with Moscow, the Russians easily have the measure of Boris Johnson

He revels in his role as shameless self-publicist, aficionado of the feud and defender of The Donald. But the real Piers Morgan is a more nuanced, more sympathetic character than his foes give him credit for.

Piers Morgan and Milo Yiannopoulos share more than a love of attention: Society needs provocateurs, but it also needs us to see them for what they are

Donald Trump, like Barack Obama before him, is an actor and Meryl Streep played the role of the critic. Playwright Bonnie Greer on an unfolding American drama

2016 Year of Brexit magazine - a must-have for every Remainer!

The Foreign Secretary thinks he's re-creating Britain's imperial past. In fact, he acts like he's in 'Allo 'Allo, and is turning the UK into a Twilight Zone of bunting and marching bands

The "post-truth" era is upon us and we must fight to stop it becoming the norm, argues Bonnie Greer

As British Jews whose families once fled the Nazis apply for German passports, Bonnie Greer makes a plea for a world that seeks to expand, not restrict, horizons

You don't need to listen to Clinton and Trump debate one another. All you need to know, you can learn from their body language, Bonnie Greer writes

Never mind the politics of migration, Bonnie Greer gives a deeply personal reflection of the hope and promise it represents

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