Extend Article 50 and use the European elections to stop Brexit, it is the only way to stop Brexit argues ANDREW ADONIS.

A new song stakes a claim to be the first rock ‘n’ roll single, while music elsewhere plays catch-up. SOPHIA DEBOICK reports

Even at this late stage, Brexiteers are projecting their own dreams onto their failing enterprise, in the knowledge they will escape the blame. John Kampfner reports.

Ray Kershaw travels to a city which has been through many reincarnations over the centuries, but none so dramatic or violent as its most recent

The classic Dickensian tale of a grumpy man at Christmas sums up the leaders in British politics this year, writes ANDREW ADONIS.

Andrew Adonis explains why now is not the time to settle or surrender.

Steve Anglesey rounds up this week’s top Brexiteers and explains why Theresa May’s endgame is heading for the dustbin of history.

TIM WALKER reviews The Wipers Times, on at Arts Theatre, London, until December 1, in this week’s Stage Review.

Germany led in Europe on the back of British guidance while the UK faltered as it distanced itself from the continent, writes Andrew Adonis.

BONNIE GREER on the stubborn strand of irrationality that is the bedrock of Brexit

“To at least half the nation, a 2022 festival would celebrate national self-immolation.”

Leading French journalist Marion Van Renterghem meets Tony Blair, one of Remain’s Don Quixotes suddenly realising their task might not be as futile as it first seemed.

Michael White explains why the collapse of the ERG blueprint joins Boris as twin embarrassments of the week.

There are few labels in politics I hate more than ‘centrist’ and ‘moderate’ – and I shout from the rooftops my refutation of being either. I am radical but sensible – which is very different.

From the ruins left by the Luftwaffe Britain had to rebuild. IAN WALKER charts the process from high rise living to the out-of-town cineplex

This week Andrew Adonis discusses whether Ireland could be Europe’s new liberal icon.

Isn’t it ironic that our divided government should mark the centenary of the ending of the First World War with facile arguments over Brexit and internal feuding?

Michael White says all political parties have an as-yet-unfulfilled duty to think much harder about reforms.

We cannot abandon our continent and responsibility for its defence and properity says ANDREW ADONIS

Michael White on another fudge which sees Theresa May survive but Brexit’s judgement day is approaching

Don’t be fooled by the urbane environment secretary, says ANDREW ADONIS. He is from a long line of zealots who have harmed our country.

​The free press attacked, migrants degraded and liberalism in tatters – YASMIN ALIBHAI-BROWN on what must happen to ensure the European dream is not destroyed

If Brexit happens next March it won’t be the end - just the “end of the beginning”, explains Will Goble.

The old jibe that the EU is undemocratic just doesn’t bear up to scrutiny, says MALCOLM TURNER. It is high time this myth was debunked.

Following Rex Tillerson’s sacking, PAUL CONNEW reflects on the president’s diversion tactics.

Steve Anglesey names the worst Brexiteers of the week.

MICHAEL WHITE on why the prospect of Trump trade wars takes away all the icing

On television, on the big screen and in books, a mythologised view of Britain is becoming endemic, says PETER MILLAR.

Andrew Adonis turns to Orwell to find out what the author would have made of Brexit.

Michael White discusses Tory infighting and the soft Marxist looking on in opposition

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