Esther McVey

I jointly run a local campaign group, Wilmslow for Europe. Last Friday we were planning to hold a peaceful protest of about 30 members outside the constituency office of our MP, Esther McVey.

To most observers, it looks like a government in chaos - but one pundit has suggested Theresa May could actually be executing a master stroke which is convincingly defeating her Brexit opponents.

Disobedient ministers voting against the government's Brexit proposals are putting Theresa May in a perilous position, a former cabinet secretary has warned.

She resigned from the front benches of government so that she could vote against what she thought was a bad Brexit deal.

All aboard the Leave train as the Daily Express and Esther McVey are name-checked in STEVE ANGLESEY'S Brex Factor.

Former cabinet minister and Brexiteer MP Esther McVey has been to task on social media after tweeting and then deleting a false claim about the European Union.

In this week's Brex Factor, STEVE ANGLESEY takes on the fact-less Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski and names his Brexiteers of the week.

Esther McVey has scrapped with a news host after he suggested she was delusional for claiming that no deal concerns were "scare stories".

Former Tory adviser Barnaby Towns on the ignorance, irresponsibility and ideology which menace the party - and the country.

MICHAEL WHITE: Lack of alternative leaders - on all sides - is narrowing the options

A question from Caroline Lucas on the "will of the people" has infuriated the prime minister, who insists she's acting on the country's behalf with Brexit.

Theresa May is facing yet more challenges on her Brexit plans - with a "warning shot" from the DUP and an objection to the draft agreement from Spain.

Interest in Brexit has increased now there is a draft Brexit plan in place, and people have been taking to the internet to find out what it all means. Here are the UK's 10 most Googled questions on Brexit.

The prime minister is facing the biggest crisis of her premiership as several minsters walked out over the Brexit deal.

Work and Pensions secretary Esther McVey has quit government, saying the Brexit deal "does not honour the result of the referendum".

Michael White on a week which brought both a people's vote and a no-deal Brexit closer.

David Davis has urged Brexiteers in the cabinet to force Theresa May to dump her bid to strike a deal with the EU.

Philip Hammond has come out fighting as the row over the Irish border backstop looks set to tear the cabinet apart.

Theresa May is set to dump her assurance that a deal to keep the UK in the European Union's customs territory must be time-limited.

Theresa May is facing a mass walk out of her cabinet over Brexit negotiations.

Michael Gove's department has been forced to delete a video promoting UK farming after Brexit - because it featured stock images of farms from EU countries.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable failed to perform under pressure during his keynote conference speech stumbling over the key phrase.

The New European's Editor-at-Large explores the British public's disillusionment with its political leaders.

Our diary reveals how the BBC had second thoughts about Gina Miller, the three top Labour people blocking any change of policy on Brexit and why has Boris Johnson still not declared his Telegraph salary?

Who is on Question Time this week and where do they stand on Brexit? Here's your guide...

Steve Anglesey names the worst Brexiteers of the week.

MICHAEL WHITE on those ludicrous spy stories . . . and why Labour's leader must come in from the cold over Brexit.

Readers of The New European react through our letters pages to this week's cabinet reshuffle.

MICHAEL WHITE on a muted reshuffle and why waiting for Corbyn is a waste of time

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