George Osborne

Former chancellor George Osborne has said David Cameron would never have appointed Geoffrey Cox to the position of attorney general.

MICHAEL WHITE on a week when things started to shift... but in which direction?

MEP rules mean Nigel Farage must declare who paid for his flight to Strasbourg, Losses mount up for Arron Banks and why Adam Boulton is the king of College Green explains TIM WALKER.

The Corporation is facing one of the most severe tests in its history, says John Kampfner. And in vital areas it is failing it is not meeting the challenge.

Brexit will do nothing for the overlooked parts of the UK, says JOHN KAMPFNER. Instead, it will hurt them the most.

"Brexit was a demand for change in people's lives that Brexit will make hard, if not impossible."

George Osborne so busy with his nine jobs he neglects paperwork for Northern Powerhouse Partnership, Womad Festival under pressure over Jacob Rees-Mogg connection and the Telegraph hires from TaxPayers' Alliance in this week's MANDRAKE.

Former prime minister David Cameron has said he has no regrets for calling the EU referendum which sparked Brexit.

A second vote IS coming, says ZOE WILLIAMS. But the pro-European campaign must not repeat the many mistakes of the last one.

They be only modest, but let's take them while we can, says MICHAEL WHITE

MICHAEL WHITE on a counter-factual 'what-if?' moment that could have stopped Brexit at birth.

Nigel Farage believes that Brexit would not have "got over the line" if it hadn't been for the single issue of immigration.

The architect of Article 50, Lord Kerr, has said that ministers are trying to deceive MPs into believing the only choice is between a 'no deal' Brexit and Theresa May's Chequers plan.

Labour has its own Budget splits - but the party is united in its view that this is not the end of austerity.

The Sunday Times has been accused of hiding a poll which showed that an overwhelming majority supported a fresh referendum on Brexit.

Labour MP Barry Sheerman has lambasted the political decisions of David Cameron and George Osborne. He claimed we are witnessing the same "failure of leadership" seen during World War I.

Our diary reveals how the BBC had second thoughts about Gina Miller, the three top Labour people blocking any change of policy on Brexit and why has Boris Johnson still not declared his Telegraph salary?

Voters in areas devastated by spending cuts swung the Brexit referendum for Leave, a new study has found.

MICHAEL WHITE sees a glummer holiday ahead amid fears we may end up worse off than in the seventies.

There is no Brexit dividend. There is only Brexit debt.

In a provocative article, former UKIP official GAWAIN TOWLER describes the significant shift which has taken place in Brussels, as the EU blinks first over immigration.

Mandrake discusses Telegraph star recanting Brexit heresy after falling from grace at the struggling newspaper.

After Syria and Salisbury, it is back to chaotic normal for the Prime Minister

The local elections won't even get close to addressing the biggest issue facing councils, says PETER HETHERINGTON

Why those attacking the BBC are picking the wrong target.

In this week's diary column, Hitler's ghost comes back to haunt the Daily Mail and Mandrake wonders how rehearsals are going for Brexit opponents.

MICHAEL WHITE on the negotiation countdown, the Norway model and why we can't just muddle through.

The discussion that the Labour Party must have with itself to help save the country from Brexit

Leaked impact assessments have revealed that a hard Brexit would shrink the economy by 8% and leave the UK £196bn-a-year poorer.

An increasingly ruffled David Davis finally had his department draw up a Brexit impact analysis. And it is nightmarish.

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