JAMES BALL on why, with “grim, awful inevitability”, the UK appears to be moving towards a general election.

As Theresa May’s deal falls again, this week marks the week British politics lost the plot, writes JAMES BALL.

March 29 is a full stop, writes JAMES BALL, and it is hard to see a way back for Remain afterwards.

JAMES BALL discusses his fears about the impact a no-deal Brexit could have on businesses in the UK.

JAMES BALL debunks the ‘Lexit’ argument that the EU prevents Britain from implementing left-wing policies.

“They made a godawful mess, a mess of which only a handful seem to understand even the most basic of elements.”

Early in 2018 the chances of no Brexit seemed totally out of reach, but the battle is now between a second referendum or the disaster of no-deal, writes JAMES BALL in this week’s Deconstructed.

With her leverage curtailed, the PM has upped the stakes to a dangerous level, writes JAMES BALL.

Winning the right to repeal Article 50 could bring its own problems, says JAMES BALL

Cabinet might have approved the Brexit deal, but will their support last? JAMES BALL looks at the challenges Theresa May faces.

Is Arron Banks a bad boy or sad chancer, asks JAMES BALL

We are already poorer, but worst is to come, writes JAMES BALL in this week’s Deconstructed.

JAMES BALL says despite the week of theatrics for the UK government, the bigger challenge ahead is still whether they can pass a budget.

JAMES BALL’s Deconstructed: “Our modern political era is dominated by a war against reality”

In JAMES BALL’s most recent Deconstructed, he takes aim at a Tory party divided by a doomed obsession with Brexit ahead of their party conference in Birmingham.

JAMES BALL says the real reason we’ve made so little progress on Brexit is clear: the hardliners central to the process have made very little effort to understand it.

Bluffocracy – the new book which has Britain’s political class abuzz – chronicles how the country’s establishment has been taken over by chancers. In the final part of our serialisation, authors JAMES BALL and ANDREW GREENWAY examine the Windrush debacle

Bluffocracy chronicles how the country’s establishment has been taken over by chancers. In an exclusive report, authors JAMES BALL and ANDREW GREENWAY profile the much-hyped PPE degree

With the government’s white paper set to be published, JAMES BALL argues that a hypersoft Brexit just doesn’t work - despite its appeal.

In a Brexit process full of stupid and meaningless rows, former Obama senior adviser Ben Rhodes managed to accidentally set off what might be the stupidest yet, says JAMES BALL

JAMES BALL deconstructs Corbyn’s economically illiterate talking heads

Negotiating a smooth exit from a fragmented EU is even more challenging, writes JAMES BALL.

As Theresa May’s cabinet divisions continue to stunt the progress of Brexit, JAMES BALL examines the factors which could trigger another snap election.

The EU and UN are held together by compromises and fudges; so some of their critics do have a point. But JAMES BALL asks; does that mean Britain can back out of the mess?

The UK’s fashion sector says it needs the single market to flourish... JAMES BALL warns Brexit will damage a truly modern industry

We should recognise that however charmingly it is sold, what Rees-Mogg is selling is toxic, and not fit for consumption, says JAMES BALL

In this week’s Brexit Deconstructed, JAMES BALL reflects on world events and the challenge Britain faces protecting itself post-Brexit.

In this week’s Brexit Deconstructed, JAMES BALL discusses how Trump’s ‘America First’ policy is bad news for the UK

In his latest column JAMES BALL describes the fear stalking the UK car industry.

In this week’s Brexit Deconstructed, JAMES BALL discusses how chaotic governments can open the door to evil doings.

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