Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has announced that he will go back to the people on the future of Brexit should his party win any forthcoming general election, in an attempt to maintain his neutral attitude on Brexit.

Labour have bizarrely justified Jeremy Corbyn’s no-show at yesterday’s People’s Vote march by saying he was “campaigning in Morecambe where the cockle pickers died”.

The atrocity in New Zealand should prompt a reckoning for the Islamophobia which has infected our mainstream media, says Liz Gerard.

Confusion over Brexit means that Britain is “heading for a cliff edge - with all the problems that creates”, Jeremy Corbyn has warned.

All aboard the Leave train as the Daily Express and Esther McVey are name-checked in STEVE ANGLESEY’S Brex Factor.

As Labour’s travails over anti-Semitism deepen, the Conservatives are showing themselves hopelessly tone deaf on diversity, reports JANE MERRICK.

The New European’s editor-at-large explains why Brexit is far from the black and white picture it is presented as.

Jeremy Corbyn has been urged to join forces with other opposition leaders to push for a new Brexit referendum.

MICHAEL WHITE on a week when things started to shift... but in which direction?

The Tory and Labour defectors have acted as extraordinary political catalysts, says Jane Merrick. They have raised the prospect of stopping Brexit altogether.

If you have the misfortune to be paying close attention to Brexit – a sensible choice, even if not one likely to spark joy – this week has, on the surface of things, looked like an exciting one.

The deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats said she made a “genuine mistake” by accidentally voting for Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit plan.

The Labour leadership’s support alone will not guarantee a People’s Vote - but it is a crucial step towards one, argues ANDREW ADONIS.

Broadcaster Sara Cox has spoken out about Brexit and criticised “self-serving” Jeremy Corbyn for backing a People’s Vote “too late” in the day to make it happen.

Jeremy Corbyn’s People’s Vote U-turn could be a gamechanger – but only if he changes the habits of a lifetime, says former Europe minister DENIS MACSHANE.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is set to back calls for a People’s Vote in the House of Commons.

Chuka Umunna said that the failure of the Labour Party to do something about anti-Semitism and bullying made his position as a member “untenable”.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is to hold talks in Brussels in a bid to try to break the Brexit deadlock.

An eighth Labour MP has quit the party to join the breakaway Independent Group in protest at Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

A striking feature of the Brexit camp’s narrative in the UK both before and after the 2016 referendum has been the repeated claim that leaving the EU is consistent with the lessons of history.

MP Margaret Beckett said she has ‘never seen such chaos’ in government, in a scathing interview.

There’s precious little in the news other than Brexit, but not much in the overall situation is actually changing.

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL examines how neither Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn have led the way on Brexit.

There is a radical – but feasible – way to avoid the disastrous Brexit heading our way, says JONATHAN CHAPLIN

The reality of Britain’s position after it leaves the EU is becoming clearer

As things get glummer it’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry

Boris Johnson looked like he’d blown it. But at a critical moment for Brexit, the former foreign secretary is once again being tipped for Downing Street.

The final paragraph of Jeremy Corbyn’s letter was intended to threaten a People’s Vote if she did not agree to his terms - but it was removed before sending.

Theresa May has written to Jeremy Corbyn in an attempt to win his support for her Brexit deal - but anti-Brexit campaigners say she offers “very little”.

Jeremy Corbyn is facing the prospect of Labour MPs and members quitting the party over his stance on Brexit.

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