John Humphrys

TIM WALKER explores Christopher Booker's "inhumane" treatment by Telegraph, how Will Self outdid Paddington's "hard stare" and Gina Miller urging people to turn out for Nigel Farage.

Rachel Johnson on pesky Instagram influencers, Heathrow protests and why she miss Radio 4's John Humphrys.

Our diary reports of the financial woes of Better for the Country, Tory Brextremist Andrew Bridgen's problems with "truthfulness" and Jose Manuel Barroso's verdict on the Tiggers.

John Humphrys, who has been criticised for his handling of Brexit coverage on the Today programme, has announced he will quit the show after 32 years.

STEVE ANGLESEY's Brex Factor on Wetherspoon's boss Tim Martin

Fiona Bruce has been confirmed as the new presenter of Question Time.

Readers are turning away from the BBC for their Brexit news - CHRIS CLODE explains why they've switched over.

An outspoken Brexiteer has said that new Brexit negotiations should only take 10 minutes to agree - before he accused the BBC of being pro-Remain for disproving his claims.

Being loud and brash can go too far, but it is necessary when you're pushing against established beliefs, writes ALASTAIR CAMPBELL.

A report in a national newspaper claims that the government is now exploring the option of a fresh Brexit referendum.

The Today programme disinvites Patrick Kielty after his epic Twitter showdown with Boris Johnson, the tears of Steve Baker and Boris Johnson's freebie tickets to get booed at The Oval

Too often Jeremy Corbyn has shirked his responsibility to hold the government to account on Brexit - not today.

In a heated exchange on the Today programme John Humphrys said that Boris spoke "for a very strong powerful force of public opinion".

How journalism sheds light on a murky referendum, Editor-at-large, ALASTAIR CAMPBELL writes

Every week, for 100 weeks now, The New European have been energetically campaigning against Brexit - the only newspaper in the UK to do this consistently says Editor, MATT KELLY

National newspaper veteran LIZ GERARD on the legacy of the Daily Mail's departing editor

Brexit may seem like a pain now, says ALASTAIR CAMPBELL, but just wait till the disastrous consequences which will dominate our lives for the forseeable future.

Mandrake discusses Telegraph star recanting Brexit heresy after falling from grace at the struggling newspaper.

Mandrake discusses the deliberate disappearance of the former Prime Minister as the public debate around Brexit sours.

Mandrake challenges the Today presenter John Humphrys to declare the income and hospitality he receives from the Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre

Why didn't the BBC report the House of Lords' victory over the Customs Union on their morning news, asks David Perrin.

As global crises mount, The New European's Editor-at-Large says Britain's foreign secretary has nothing to offer.

There might seem a certain logic behind talk of a new party, but Zoe Williams argues being in the centre is too soft for UK politics.

The broadcaster's problem is a bad case of liberal guilt, argues Chris Grey.

In this week's diary column, the BBC continue to overlook The New European and fracked off playwright digs out Boris Johnson.

Sexism in the media is deep-seated and progress on the issue is glacial, says LIZ GERARD.

The answer is not a second referendum but a first on Tories' bad deal for Britain says Editor-at-Large Alastair Campbell.

Tony Blair is Brexit's most eloquent critic, but does his controversial legacy prevent him making a full impact? ANTHONY CLAVANE went to his former constituency - a Leave stronghold - to find out

The New European's Editor-at-Large, Alastair Campbell, on the reasons the BBC is dancing to the tune of Brexit...

British broadcasting's big hitter who is still awaiting his rightful BBC inheritance.

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