John McDonnell

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has dismissed the threat of the MPs who left the party to form The Independent Group as “completely irrelevant”.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has suggested Labour frontbenchers would be expected to back the party’s push for a second Brexit referendum in any Commons vote.

MICHAEL WHITE on a week when things started to shift... but in which direction?

The Tory and Labour defectors have acted as extraordinary political catalysts, says Jane Merrick. They have raised the prospect of stopping Brexit altogether.

Pulitzer prize-winning writer ALBERT SCARDINO offers a global perspective on how Britain’s national hero is seen.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said the Labour leadership is ready to address issues which have led eight of the party’s MPs to switch to the new Independent Group in Parliament.

Voters would not forgive Labour MPs who take extra money for their constituencies to back Theresa May’s Brexit deal, the party’s frontbenchers have said.

“As of now, power resides not in No.10 but in the House of Commons. And it is precisely because power now lies in a leaderless body of 650 MPs, incapable of forging and agreeing a new Brexit, that I am so confident Brexit will be terminated.”

MICHAEL WHITE says the most likely next steps will involve an extension of Article 50.

Anti-Brexit campaigner Steve Bray has made himself an unlikely television star, with his photobombing antics on news reports outside the Houses of Parliament. TIM WALKER went to watch him at work, and hear about how the mood in the area is darkening

Has my criticism of the BBC’s coverage of Brexit led to my “famine” of TV and radio appearances, asks ALASTAIR CAMPBELL?

A second vote IS coming, says ZOE WILLIAMS. But the pro-European campaign must not repeat the many mistakes of the last one.

Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary has said a second referendum would be “far better than this deal”.

Jeremy Corbyn is “gradually moving” towards a People’s Vote, the former Labour foreign secretary Jack Straw has insisted.

I am struck by the comments of Theresa May that her Brexit plan will stop EU migrants “jumping the queue” when it comes to working in the UK.

MARK LEMON has voted Labour since 1979 but feels he will not be able to vote for the party any longer if it does not changes its stance on Brexit.

MICHAEL WHITE on the dark forces that circle as the hunt continues for a way out.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said that a People’s Vote now appears to be “inevitable”.

Sir Keir Starmer has once again contradicted Labour leadership - this time insisting that Brexit can be stopped.

STEVE ANGLESEY examines the fishy performance of the UKIP leader, Gerard Battern, and names his Brexiteers of the Week.

John McDonnell appeared to utter that Brexit WILL happen in response to comments made by a backbench Labour MP on ITV’s Peston programme.

Labour has its own Budget splits – but the party is united in its view that this is not the end of austerity.

Theresa May has rejected suggestions that the latest Budget was designed to pave the way for an early general election.

Michael White on the increasingly hopeless manoeuvres from all sides as they realise the finish line is near.

Jeremy Corbyn pledged an end to austerity and insisted Labour has what it takes to win back Leave voters in the next election, during a visit to a solidly Brexit-voting area of the Midlands.

The PM is gambling on an appeal to Labour but she could still get her cards from the Tories

The most toxic of all arguments against a vote on a final say is the claim it would lead to violence, says MIC WRIGHT.

EXCLUSIVE: TIM WALKER on a bid to break the Westminster impasse and force a People’s Vote

He might seem to have re-shaped left-wing politics in his image, but the Labour leader is still some way off creating the social movement needed to convert his vision into reality. STEVEN FIELDING reports

Readers react on the letters pages to the suggestion a People’s Vote could be held without staying in the EU as an option.

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