Ken Clarke

Much on display this week, John Bercow’s trademark belligerence – along with his circumlocutory rhetoric – are tactics he learnt young, says his biographer Bobby Friedman

Pro-EU Tory MP Ken Clarke stumped Brexiteer MP Andrew Bridgen with his response about respecting the “will of the people” in the House of Commons.

MICHAEL WHITE on a week when things started to shift... but in which direction?

MICHAEL WHITE on May’s mission impossible as Tory unit trumps all again.

MICHAEL WHITE says the most likely next steps will involve an extension of Article 50.

Ken Clarke says that despite the Brexit debate being dominated by Eurosceptic voices from the Tory party, it goes against the long-standing general opinion within the Conservative Party.

Jeremy Corbyn’s question about Theresa May “ducking responsibility” on Brexit was branded “completely ridiculous” in the House of Commons by pro-Remain MP Ken Clarke, who used his question to attack both leaders.

There are still many questions to think about when it comes to another EU referendum. Former Conservative party adviser BARNABY TOWNS argues that anti-Brexit campaigners should be pushing to stop the Article 50 clock first.

A second vote IS coming, says ZOE WILLIAMS. But the pro-European campaign must not repeat the many mistakes of the last one.

MICHAEL WHITE on the dark forces that circle as the hunt continues for a way out.

MICHAEL WHITE: Lack of alternative leaders - on all sides - is narrowing the options

A Lib Dem MP has faced fury from his own party after he vowed to vote for Theresa May’s Brexit deal when it is put before the Commons.

Tory rebel Ken Clarke will support Theresa May’s Brexit deal despite calling it a “dog’s breakfast”.

David Cameron is said to be too frightened about provoking Brextremists to back a People’s Vote... and will there be a knighthood for ousted Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre in New Year’s Honours?

STEVE ANGLESEY crowns another Brexiteer of the Week.

Sir John Major has attacked Jacob Rees-Mogg’s European Research Group – claiming they are worse than the bullies in his party under his premiership.

Dithering former Brexit secretary David Davis has claimed that the “benefits” that Brexiteers were hoping for when the UK leaves the EU are starting to “vanish”.

Staunch Europhile Ken Clarke outlined some simple maths to the prime minister to highlight the fact Remainers make up the majority of the Commons.

MICHAEL WHITE sees a glummer holiday ahead amid fears we may end up worse off than in the seventies.

Theresa May has bowed to pressure from Tory Brexiteers after accepting crucial changes to her Chequers Brexit plan.

MICHAEL WHITE on May’s supposed ‘Brexit Dividend’ - and an alternative plan to revive and sustain the NHS

Free from the pressures that are silencing other MPs, the Conservative Party’s great europhile tells TIM WALKER about his meeting with Theresa May and why this is no time for despair.

After Syria and Salisbury, it is back to chaotic normal for the Prime Minister

“Deal or no deal? It appears that Theresa May’s big idea is not to have one”: writes Michael White.

Why didn’t the BBC report the House of Lords’ victory over the Customs Union on their morning news, asks David Perrin.

MICHAEL WHITE on the transitional deal and the problems that still remain over the Irish border

TIM WALKER talks to Labour MP David Lammy about what he expects to happen later this year, when the full force of Brexit hits the UK.

He offers no insight, no expertise and no reasonable debate – and yet here was Nigel Farage for the 32nd time on Question Time.

The Trade Secretary who travelled all that way for a packet of crisps.

Editor-at-Large Alastair Campbell on the PM and Britain’s position as Z-listers at the world’s most obnoxious party.

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