MITCH BENN says there should be awkward questions for the people who’ve been making a living peddling so-called ‘polite racism’.

Life as a Brexit true believer would be so much easier, writes MITCH BENN, but self-righteousness helps no-one in the long run.

With so many reasons to abandon Brexit, writes MITCH BENN, Remain is winning the battle by a significant margin.

Cowardice and appeasement in the face of thuggery is always deplorable but there’s a specific reason it’s a bad idea in this instance, says MITCH BENN

A grouchy MITCH BENN stays up late hatching a plot to finally put an end to Brexit.

MITCH BENN discusses how closely politics and Christmas should be linked.

Let’s not forget, peace in Europe is not a natural state. We have to fight for it, says MITCH BENN

Politics of hate will fall and the politics of hope will endure, writes MITCH BENN.

A Remain pressure group has teamed up with the country’s top comedians to urge us all to “stop being so British”.

MITCH BENN has a simple message for all of those considering marching on Saturday - get on the bus and turn up!

Writer, comedian and musician MITCH BENN issues a rallying call for readers to join the People’s Vote March in London.

You don’t obstruct an investigation which you will believe will clear your name, says MITCH BENN

We’re winning this, writes MITCH BENN, and Brexit will ultimately meet its Waterloo.

Comedian, musician and writer MITCH BENN recalls the speech he gave at a People’s Vote rally

Keep calm and carry on is the old British motto but comedian, musician and writer MITCH BENN explains it’s not going to work this time round.

Comedian MITCH BENN looks forward to how we can all spend our first summer after leaving the EU

The People’s Vote march received just the kind of snarky criticism we have all come to expect, says MITCH BENN.

As the World Cup kicks off in Russia, MITCH BENN is inspired by David Beckham’s never-give-up attitude to his England career.

However much hardship a straight white guy may have to deal with, there are whole worlds of hardship he’ll never experience, says MITCH BENN.

The American obsession with guns fails to stop dangerous obsessions with fantasies, says MITCH BENN. Something has to change to stop those fantasies becoming reality.

Young men are railing against the unfairness of the womenfolk of the world’s refusal to have sex with them. MITCH BENN sends them a public message.

It’s increasingly difficult to pick out individual instances of insanity from the constant droning white noise of craziness, says MITCH BENN

With exactly one year to go until the moment Britain leaves the EU, we asked our writers for five predicitions for the next 12 months.

It is time to face the fact that Washington’s ‘special relationship’ is now with Moscow, writes MITCH BENN.

MITCH BENN examines tweets from an organisation that claims to be returning conservatism to the grassroots

MITCH BENN has taken the words of David Davis to heart and is now ready for dystopia.

In the wake of the Falcon Heavy rocket launch and the dismissal of The Flat Earth Society, MITCH BENN argues that Brexit is the flat earth theory of politics.

Comedian, musician and writer MITCH BENN considers Twitter as the area to open discussions on Brexit.

MITCH BENN on the real problem with Toby Young’s unsuitability for the Office for Students

MITCH BENN asks whether, despite being calendrically ‘closer’ to Brexit, it now looks further away than ever.

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