Matt Kelly

As things get glummer it's hard to know whether to laugh or cry

After an appearance on The Last Leg, ALASTAIR CAMPBELL credits the man behind his withering insult aimed at Nigel Farage.

A People's Vote is the only way out for MPs who are too afraid to vote with their conscience, says DAVID COLLINS.

TV presenter Susanna Reid has hit out at Leavers who call Remainers "losers", pointing out they are now the ones the most vocal about Brexit unhappiness.

The Wooferendum march was ridiculously British but it was an example of people doing what they can to make the politicians sit up and take notice.

Jeremy Corbyn's anger isn't unappealing, it's a refreshing thing in a world of mushy centrists, writes MIC WRIGHT.

Nigel Farage was left rattled in a televised debate as he was forced to admit that the Brexit vote was a political move that had little to do with economics.

Thousands of anti-Brexit campaigners are marching on Westminster on the second anniversary of the EU referendum calling on a people's vote on the final Brexit deal.

Editor-at-Large ALASTAIR CAMPBELL states politics and media have become a "madhouse"

Your editorials advocating a People's Vote on whatever terms Theresa May may negotiate in Brussels are welcome but do not explain the democratic necessity for such a ballot. So here it is.

The latest episode of the New European podcast is available now.

As Liverpool FC attempt to write another chapter in their storied history in this weekend's Champions League final, ANTHONY CLAVANE recounts the extraordinarily intimate relationship between Europe and the city itself.

The debate continues around this political cartoon.

Relations between journalists and politicians should never be too cosy, but being personally rebuked by a home secretary is always going to give an editor pause for thought.

This week's New European podcast is available now.

After The New European was accused of sexism by a leading feminist, ZOE WILLIAMS explores the divisive nature of progressive politics and the purity it often demands.

Last week's New European caused waves with its caution over a second referendum. But for columnist PAUL CONNEW, another vote holds no concern.

Is it time for another referendum on Brexit? Our readers have filled our mailbag with their own perspectives on what happens next.

Talk of a second referendum has divided pro-EU support in the UK. DENIS MACSHANE asks how it has gone down in Europe itself.

The latest New European podcast is available now including an exclusive interview with former Europe Minister Denis MacShane.

Robert Miller, the Brexiteer who keeps writing to us without being published finally gets his say in The New European

Prime Minister Theresa May has become a much diminished figure on the world stage

Matt Kelly recalls an eventful year for The New European

Matt Kelly, Richard Porritt and Geri Scott tackle another busy week in British politics, crown the latest Brexiteer of the Week and celebrate The New Europeans first birthday.

Naturally, as a man of ill-concealed principle and conviction, Tim Farron was always likely to come a cropper in a game as flea-pit filthy as politics.

No wonder they kicked the poor bugger out of politics.

We do not condone this and imagine it makes the editor of the Daily Mail very angry…

As Theresa May's Brexit election backfires spectacularly Richard Porritt, Matt Kelly, Geri Scott and Steve Anglesey pick over the bones of a dramatic night.

June 8, 2017, will be remembered as the day the British people took a step back from the brink of a catastrophic Brexit.

This week's attack on Manchester has rocked us all to the core. On the front page of The New European, cartoonist Gary Barker captures the deep sense of loss perfectly - 22 pink balloons escaping the grasp of a little girl.

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