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Confusion over Brexit means that Britain is “heading for a cliff edge - with all the problems that creates”, Jeremy Corbyn has warned.

Philip Hammond has been challenged to “find a backbone” and stand up to the ERG to rule out a no-deal Brexit as he insisted it was now “unlikely” the UK would crash out of the EU.

MICHAEL WHITE on May’s mission impossible as Tory unit trumps all again.

No deal would be a “betrayal of our economic future”, chancellor Philip Hammond has told MPs.

Comments made by Philip Hammond that a no-deal Brexit could be “taken off the table” have been called “treacherous” by a Brexiteer MP.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has told business leaders that a no deal Brexit could be “taken off the table” and Article 50 “rescinded”, according to a transcript of a leaked conference call.

Philip Hammond has argued that leaving the European Union without a deal would be a “betrayal” of the 2016 Brexit vote.

JANE MERRICK writes about an immovable political object facing irresistible forces.

Theresa May has vowed to battle on “with everything I have got” as she faces a leadership challenge sparked by her chaotic Brexit.

Theresa May has tried to convince us all she is just like batsman Geoffrey Boycott, but - as MICHAEL WHITE explains - on Tuesday her side lost three wickets.

MICHAEL WHITE on the dark forces that circle as the hunt continues for a way out.

The change of editor at the Daily Mail has been followed by a dramatic volte-face over Brexit, says Fleet Street watcher LIZ GERARD

They be only modest, but let’s take them while we can, says MICHAEL WHITE

The most frustrating thing about the culture secretary’s apparent indifference to his brief is that there is a much better candidate for his job, says JANE MERRICK

The Kiwis would be more than happy with a free trade agreement. It is Britain who shouldn’t be, says MATTEO DI MAIO

MICHAEL WHITE on a counter-factual ‘what-if?’ moment that could have stopped Brexit at birth.

We are already poorer, but worst is to come, writes JAMES BALL in this week’s Deconstructed.

Labour has its own Budget splits – but the party is united in its view that this is not the end of austerity.

David Davis has urged Brexiteers in the cabinet to force Theresa May to dump her bid to strike a deal with the EU.

A no-deal Brexit could see Britons banned from Netflix and Spotify.

Philip Hammond has come out fighting as the row over the Irish border backstop looks set to tear the cabinet apart.

Theresa May is set to dump her assurance that a deal to keep the UK in the European Union’s customs territory must be time-limited.

The threat from climate change is as immediate as that from Brexit and the two problems must be tackled together.

Tim Walker talks to the former attorney general who is now eloquently making the case for a People’s Vote.

The PM is gambling on an appeal to Labour but she could still get her cards from the Tories

News that Boris Johnson is considering stalling Brexit has angered the party’s Leave MPs.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson, dismissing his Brexit proposals as “fantasy world” and repeatedly saying he does not expect him to become prime minister.

With six months to go until Brexit D-Day, the prime minister’s options are narrow, writes JANE MERRICK.

Michael White explains why the collapse of the ERG blueprint joins Boris as twin embarrassments of the week.

Will there one day be a public enquiry into Brexit? Ponders Alastair Campbell

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