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A series of indicative votes in the House of Commons has found that no alternative to Theresa May’s Brexit plan has been found, but a second vote won over the most MPs.

Boris Johnson became the talk of Twitter after reports that he was planning a dramatic u-turn to back Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

Critics of Theresa May’s deal appear to be have shifted position despite strident criticism in the past.

Theresa May has said she will stand down as prime minister before the next phase of Brexit negotiations.

A former Vote Leave campaigner was left owned by Remain campaigner Femi Oluwole after the Brexiteer arguing in support of Theresa May’s deal admitted it was not what people wanted in 2016.

Theresa May’s Brexit strategy is in disarray after MPs voted to take back control from the hands of ministers.

Theresa May told the House of Commons that there was still not sufficient support among MPs to pass a third meaningful vote one her Brexit deal.

With speculation that Theresa May could be forced out of her job in the coming weeks or months, one Tory MP is encouraging signatories of the Revoke Article 50 petition to join the Conservatives to elect a pro-EU leader.

Speculation that Theresa May will be ousted from Number 10 has reached fever pitch amid reports that Cabinet ministers are plotting a coup to get rid of her.

Former Labour prime minister Tony Blair has said he has “lots of sympathy” for Theresa May as she battles to deliver her botched Brexit deal.

Theresa May might not survive to the end of next week as prime minister, a Tory peer has said.

JAMES BALL on why, with “grim, awful inevitability”, the UK appears to be moving towards a general election.

The government has suggested it would allow MPs to vote on a package of Brexit alternatives if Theresa May’s deal falls next week.

Much on display this week, John Bercow’s trademark belligerence – along with his circumlocutory rhetoric – are tactics he learnt young, says his biographer Bobby Friedman

Theresa May “will not countenance” revoking Article 50, despite a petition that wants to scrap Brexit reaching a million signatures.

An anti-Brexit campaigner has described a viral petition calling for Article 50 to be revoked as “wildfire” and accused the prime minister of posing a danger to democracy.

Britain faces a generational struggle to relocate itself to the heart of the European project. With relations and reputation at rock bottom, what better time to start the fightback? asks JOHN KAMPFNER

The UK may be divided over the best policy for Brexit but the prime minister’s speech appears to have brought the country together - in opposition to Theresa May herself.

The public responded to Theresa May’s statement, where she claimed she was “on their side” in trying to deliver Brexit, by signing a petition that calls for the process to be stopped altogether.

Saturday is the day to show we are taking this joke no longer. ALASTAIR CAMPBELL on why we all need to turn out for the People’s Vote march.

A majority of British voters now favour an extension of the Brexit deadline but just one in 10 believe any extra time should be used to revive Theresa May’s deal, according to a new YouGov poll.

Theresa May is seeking a short Brexit delay amid suggestions of a Tory backlash if the government requested a longer extension.

After months of insisting nothing had changed, the government has finally admitted that the country is in crisis.

Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay has said that ministers will continue to press on with Theresa May’s Brexit deal despite the speaker’s intervention in the House of Commons.

Former White House chief strategist and alt-right figure Steve Bannon has claimed that Nigel Farage has more influence than Theresa May with President Trump and that he considers Boris Johnson a “role model”.

A defiant MP has said he quit his local Tory party because he would not be “bossed around by a very small number of people” hankering for a no deal Brexit.

To most observers, it looks like a government in chaos - but one pundit has suggested Theresa May could actually be executing a master stroke which is convincingly defeating her Brexit opponents.

Support for a new public vote on Brexit has surged in the days since Theresa May’s Brexit deal was decisively rejected by MPs for a second time, according to a new YouGov poll.

Confusion over Brexit means that Britain is “heading for a cliff edge - with all the problems that creates”, Jeremy Corbyn has warned.

Disobedient ministers voting against the government’s Brexit proposals are putting Theresa May in a perilous position, a former cabinet secretary has warned.

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