With chilling talk of a new Cold War, CHARLIE CONNELLY remembers one upside from the last one - gripping fiction

Painting Chaucer as a Little Englander, as many have done, does him a disservice. It is time to reclaim the great man from the Brexit tendency, says CHARLIE CONNELLY​

Jack Kerouac’s drug-fuelled stream of consciousness is 60 years old this month. And while the Beat Generation might now seem like fifties throwbacks, this most celebrated novel could just be the most influential book of the twentieth century, says CHRIS SULLIVAN

All libraries – from the largest to the smallest – are repositories of magic and dreams, linked by the opportunities they represent, says CHARLIE CONNELLY. And we must cherish them

ETA’s decades of violence have cast a long shadow over Spain and the Basque Country. But, says CAROLINE GRAY, a brilliant and cathartic novel is helping both to move on from the past

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