General Election 2019

Sir Ed Davey has said that he hopes the result of the general election will present a “huge opportunity” for the Liberal Democrats in the upcoming year.

Brexiteer and former MP Gisela Stuart has said today that she is still a member of the Labour party, despite urging the public to vote Tory in the general election.

Jeremy Corbyn has attacked the government’s decision to remove protections for refugee orphans from its Brexit bill just days after winning the election.

John McDonnell has insisted that Jeremy Corbyn was the right leader for the Labour Party, saying that the party “could have won in 2017”.

Rod Stewart is facing a backlash on social media after he congratulated Boris Johnson for his general election win.

Jo Swinson lost her position as Liberal Democrat leader after she failed to be re-elected to her East Dunbartonshire seat, leaving a major question mark over who will lead the party next.

Business leaders have reacted coolly to Boris Johnson’s landslide victory, asking him not to rush towards “arbitrary negotiating deadlines” for Brexit and highlighting “question marks” over plans for immigration and infrastructure.

SNP MP Joanna Cherry has said she will focus her energies on defending “Scottish democracy from Boris Johnson” in the pursuit of a second independence referendum.

A former Labour home secretary has offered bitter recriminations to Momentum, saying Jeremy Corbyn “couldn’t lead the working class out of a paper bag”.

John Bercow made a stunning intervention to praise former Tory Dominic Grieve as the candidate prepared to concede the seat he has fought as an independent.

Jeremy Corbyn has stood down as leader of the Labour Party in the midst of a disastrous night for the party.

Former speaker of the house John Bercow had quite the put-down for Andrea Leadsom over his decisions on Brexit-related parliamentary bsuienss.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced he will not lead the party into the next general election, but who will replace him?

A joint exit poll for the three major broadcasters has predicted the general election will produce a Conservative majority.

Follow update from The New European as the election results pour in, and get the latest anti-Brexit analysis throughout the night.

Prominent anti-Brexit campaigner Jolyon Maugham has accused the government of breaching state aid rules by gifting “excessive” access to public NHS data to Amazon.

Nobody woke up this morning expecting to tweet about the prime minister leaping into a milk fridge, but thanks to Boris Johnson’s cowardice around journalists we now have the hashtag #fridgegate with less than 24 hours before the nation goes to the polls.

James Corden has delivered a pitch-perfect performance as Boris Johnson attempting to join in with ‘cool kids’ Macron and Trudeau at Nato.

Michael Gove has explained that the reason Boris Johnson put a reporter’s phone in his pocket when faced with a picture of a boy with flu is that the prime minister was “anxious to answer the question”.

Pete Doherty has told cheering crowds at a Libertines concert that in this election, “don’t let it be the Tories”.

The family of Jack Merritt, who was killed in the London Bridge terror attack, has denied that they have received any condolences from Boris Johnson despite statements saying otherwise from No.10.

Third-placed Liberal Democrat and Labour candidates in 20 seats are being asked to halt campaigning in favour of the Remain-supporting candidate with the best chance of helping to prevent a Boris Johnson landslide.

After Boris Johnson’s latest stunt, in which he drove a JCB through a wall labelled ‘gridlock’, Labour have made the perfect rejoinder.

Business leaders have spoken out against Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal after new research shows a “flatlining” economy soon after he took office.

A Conservative candidate has been criticised by rights groups after he parked his Land Rover across not one but two parking spots clearly reserved for people with disabilities.

The DUP leader ‘shouldn’t have championed Brexit’ if she had been truly concerned about the possibility of customs checks between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, said Sinn Fein’s president today.

The three biggest Remain campaigns have agreed on the way they say Brexit could be blocked through tactical voting.

Hugh Grant has noticed a highly ironic omission in the election campaign advert put out by the Conservatives that not only spoofs a film he starred in but which itself is ripped off a Remainer Labour MP.

Brexit Party activists supporting party chair Richard Tice have been reportedly caught making racist and Islamophobic comments in the midst of the general election campaign for Hartlepool.

The chair of a local Conservative association has been asked to stand down by her party after reports emerged that she had told a Muslim woman her headscarf was ‘offensive’.

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