Former - and perhaps future - No. 11 occupants are using uncertainty over Hammond to push their own agenda, says MICHAEL WHITE

Our editor-at-large on his new party piece: the speech the PM should have made to her party conference

The ‘missing billions’ are a red herring, says ANGELA JAMESON. There are bigger things to worry about

The Leave trajectory has run into the sand, says JANE MERRICK. Now it is not just a ‘no deal’ that is on the cards, it’s a ‘no Brexit’

STEVE ANGLESEY rounds up the losers and losers (because there are no winners) of another crazy seven days on Planet Brexit

Theresa May’s refusal to tell a radio phone-in show how she would vote in a new Brexit referendum was a new low for the Maybot. Her interrogator IAIN DALE recalls the moment he put the question to her, and his surprise at her failure to answer it

RICHARD PORRITT on the week's big talking points

Why ‘no deal’ doesn’t work as a negotiating tactic, says JONATHAN POWELL – the man who helped negotiate peace in Northern Ireland

A second referendum that reverses Brexit would have a "positive" and "significant" impact on the UK economy, which is on track to be crippled by its EU divorce, an influential think tank claimed today.

People have been asking me if I know Simon Brodkin, the character-comedian/prankster who interrupted the Prime Minister’s conference speech to hand her a mock redundancy notice.

Don’t believe the government’s bluff that it is preparing for a 'no deal' outcome to negotiations, says anti-Brexit campaigner GINA MILLER. It has no plan.

MICHAEL WHITE on why the fat fibber is best left in office where he can do himself maximum harm.

Since the murder of her son Stephen, Doreen Lawrence has fought for justice and racial harmony. EMMA JONES hears what she thinks Britain still needs to do to combat discrimination.

PAUL KNOTT finds unlikely inspiration for the anti-Brexit cause in a 40-year-old document from behind the Iron Curtain which succeeded in exposing the flaws inherent in a doomed system.

The government’s latest intervention in the housing market is a yet another symptom of a distracted administration failing to grasp the right solutions, says ANGELA JAMESON.

Steve Anglesey rounds up the losers and losers (because there are no winners) of another crazy seven days on Planet Brexit.

Even before it has happened, Brexit is reducing Britain’s power in Europe and so our standing in the world.

It’s not a stretch to say that the economics of digital advertising are to blame for disasters like Brexit and Trump.

For decades, European migrant labour has been part of the British rural landscape. Now, in pursuit of a fantasy, Brexit risks leaving the soft fruit and veg industry to decay. SIMON WATKINS reports.

The deluded fantasies of Leavers must have been inspired by the big screen says Have I Got News For You writer NATHANIEL TAPLEY. Here, he brings you the most Brexity films of all time.

The real question of the Age is the question of authenticity. Jeremy Corbyn is authentic. Theresa May is not. During the US presidential election, for many, Donald Trump was authentic. For many, Hillary Clinton was not.

This week's podcast looks at the calamitous Tory conference in Manchester, an odd few days with UKIP and the Brexiteer of the week.

Once the darling of Tory members Boris Johnson is playing a high-risk game, says RICHARD PORRITT.

As conference season draws to a close, former Tory candidate turned radio talk show host IAIN DALE charts the fortunes of those who have been on manoeuvres – and makes some tentative predictions/

There was a time – in my political journalist life many moons ago – when I couldn’t imagine NOT being at the party conferences. This year, in a third and very different phase of my life, at both Labour and Tory Conferences, I couldn’t wait to get away.

Steve Anglesey rounds up the losers and losers (because there are no winners) of another crazy seven days on Planet Brexit.

Brexit head banger Boris Johnson has suffered a bruising day at Tory Party conference as calls to sack him grow.



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