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An A to Z guide of Boris Johnson’s failures in government

Editor-at-large ALASTAIR CAMPBELL offers an A to Z of his withering assessment of government performance this summer

Q is for Queen... the one Boris Johnson lied to. Photograph: PA.

A… is for Afghanistan. A foreign policy disaster.

B Brexit. Not going very well, is it?

C Covid. One of the highest death rates, one of the biggest economic hits, and corruption galore.

D Defence cuts. See A and S.

E Environment. As Greta Thunberg brutally exposed, Britain’s claim to be a climate leader is more presentational than real, and COP26 looms.

F Farmers and fishermen. Betrayed. See B.

G Grenfell. Promises followed by inaction.

H Honesty. Enough said.

I Irish border. See also B, H and S.

J Justice. A courts system in crisis, a justice secretary defending his government’s law-breaking, judicial review changes to undermine the rule
of law.

K Kingdom, United, and the strains on it created by B, H, I, Z and more.

L Levelling Up. Still a slogan without a strategy.

M Mental health. As with E and L, much talk, less action.

N NHS. You know the story.

O Overseas Aid and Development. DfiD a genuine world-beating organisation. Scrapped in defiance of a manifesto commitment. Dominic Raab now in charge.

P Police, and a Police Federation that has passed a vote of no confidence in the government.

Q Queen. The one Boris Johnson lied to.

R Red Wall. See L.

S Special Relationship. Wrecked. See A, B, I, K, O, Z.

T Test, Track and Trace. See C.

U Universities and schools. Gavin Williamson is still education secretary.

V Vaccination. Let’s hear it for their one relative success, though the much-vaunted ‘world-beating’ status has been overtaken by several others.

W Welfare. Universal Credit cuts knowingly pushing more people into poverty.

Y Youth Services. Slashed.

Z … and it all adds up to a great big Z for Zero, the worst government in living memory, the worst prime minister at the worst possible time…
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