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The Brex Factor: Breitbart fans exhibit their snowflakey side

RICHARD PORRITT rounds up the losers and losers (because there are no winners) of another crazy seven days on Planet Brexit

10 Peter Lundgren MEP

Swedish right-winger Lundgren has claimed this week that warnings about Britain being isolated and poor after Brexit are ‘bulls**t’. Phew. This from a man who represents a party launched by white supremacists whose initial logo was based on the National Front’s. Reliable source then.

9 Mo Gawdat

The author of Solve for Happy – which proposes an algorithm for happiness – has already managed to crack the Brexit problem: Think happy thoughts.

He told Sky News: ‘Brexit was a surprise for many. But thinking about it now can make you happy or unhappy – you decide to think about it by sitting down and complaining that this is not how I want life to be.

‘Or you can decide to think about it saying it is what life is. What can I do today to engage and hopefully make it a better future?’ Sorted.

8 Andrew Rosindell MP

Another fully paid-up member of the ‘don’t worry, everything will be fine’ brigade is Brexiteer Rosindell. He told the Sunday Politics: ‘I’m afraid too many people are making predictions which usually turn out to be false. And they never think about the new jobs that will be created by the global Britain policy that we’re adopting.’ Erm… the Bank of England’s warning that Brexit will cost the City 75,000 jobs? Nothing to worry about.

7 Stuart Agnew

UKIP MEP Agnew has made some wild claims in recent months. He backed anti-Islamist Anne-Marie Waters to be UKIP’s next leader comparing her with Joan of Arc and even Gandhi and now he believes Ireland should follow Britain out of the door marked ‘bonkers’ and vote to quit the EU.

His reasoning was muddled but his basic point was Brexit could mean Ireland paying more or receiving less from the Common Agricultural Policy. Here is just a taste of what the EU has done for Ireland: tens of billions of euros in trade since 1976, 610m euros directly into projects investing in people and more than 620m euros directed into scientific research.

And a whopping 88% of Irish voters want to stay in the EU.

6 John Redwood

Last month the Resolution Foundation said a ‘no deal’ Brexit could cost millions of families as much as £500 extra each year. Real people, worse off because of Brexit. So you’d think everyone would be eager to welcome a transitional period. Not Redwood: ‘I fought the referendum with many other people saying we need the £12bn a year that we give away and don’t get back right now. I accept we can’t do it until March 2019 because of the rules of getting out but I don’t want the Treasury giving away years and years of our contribution when we desperately need that money at home.’ OK John, you can jump off the cliff first…

5 Lord Ashcroft

Millionaire Tory-backer and nemesis of David Cameron Lord Ashcroft was believed to have given up his nom dom status in 2010 after controversy over his tax affairs. But the leaked Paradise Papers suggest the pollster worked around the new law to continue legally avoiding tax. It appears avoidance is one of specialities having dodged questions about the claims dashing into the loo at Tory conference.

4 Charles Moore

The pro-Brexit Telegraph columnist has been ridiculed for his take on the Westminster sex scandal under the headline ‘Women are now on top. I pray they share power with men, not crush us’. Does the Torygraph’s former Editor fear women? Back in 1992 he quit the Church of England in favour of Catholicism when the ordination of women was agreed. In 2007 he explained his decision: ‘It was about whether the Church had the authority to make that decision. It’s a bit like Arsenal suddenly deciding that they are no longer going to use the offside rule, regardless of the rest of the league.’ Does someone need to explain the offside rule to Charlie?

3 Priti Patel

Let’s not make any bones about it – the hugely ambitious, Brexit-adoring Secretary of State for International Development is desperate to be the Prime Minister. She basically revealed as much during her conference speech when the pint-sized politician declared: ‘Some of our most successful leaders have, of course, been the smallest.’ And this week it was revealed she used a private holiday to hold 12 secret meetings with Israeli officials including the PM Benjamin Netanyahu. In normal circumstances this would have resulted in an immediate sacking, but the Brexiteers in Theresa May’s cabinet believe – perhaps rightly – they can get away with anything.

1/2 Nigel Farage and Breitbart News

Double winner this week, we can’t separate their stupidity.

Here at The New European we are proud of the plaudits and awards we have won since our launch. But we are also proud of some of the enemies we have gained, we believe it shows we are on the right side of history.

Step forward five-times failed MP Nigel Farage and alt-right, click-bait nonsense spouting website Breitbart News.

After we printed a series of art works by long-time Radiohead collaborator Stanley Donwood depicting cartoon characters making their annoyance at Brexit rather plain, Farage and Breitbart claimed that was inciting violence. And how did the – obviously very delicate – readers of Breitbart respond on the comments section? Here is a taste:

Tim: ‘Anyone know where their offices are? I’ll send the boys round. Its not like journalists know how to fight.’

Lacey: ‘Anytime you Brits need help just call your American cousins. We know how to deal with idiots. We are dealing with them now and our founding fathers blessed us with the right to bear arms and speak our minds.’

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