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Polish dealer mistakenly sends cocaine to supermarket in banana box

The week's weirdest news from Europe includes a drug mix-up in Poland, a trigger-happy pensioner in Germany and a violent squirrel in Turkey

Lorient supporters with a Gwenn ha du flag. An even larger one, measuring 22 x 15 metres, has gone missing in Brittany - Credit: Photo: LOIC VENANCE/AFP via Getty Images

Drug dealers in Warsaw, Poland, appear to have slipped up by delivering cocaine worth 30million zloty (£5.7million) to three branches of the city’s Carrefour supermarket, hidden in boxes of bananas.

Police recovered 160kg of the substance after a tip-off from an employee at a store in Śródmieście, the capital’s central borough, who was taking the fruit to the shelves when they noticed the bunches were sitting on small green packages.

Similar boxes were found at shops in the boroughs of Mokotów and Bielany. Police are thought to be investigating the warehouse in the central Polish town of Rawa Mazowiecka where the boxes were prepared for distribution.


A couple in Tønsberg, Norway, went down to breakfast last Saturday morning to find a stranger, covered in blood, lying on their sofa.

The injured man, in his 20s, said he did not remember anything about the night before but asked the pair to call him a taxi home, which they then did. There were no signs of a break-in, although the couple noticed some broken bottles in their cellar.

Police say they have ended their investigations as no serious crime appears to have been committed.


A rescued squirrel that acted as a security guard in a Turkish jewellers has been laid off after trying to bite its staff.

Shop owner Mehmet Yuksel found the animal injured while walking through a forest in the south eastern town of Diyarbakir and nursed it back to health while at work

Then he noticed how the squirrel, which he has christened Memocan, attacked a customer who was trying to take banknotes from his till and, later, when another tried to take gold chains from a display case. “At first, I thought this was a coincidence, but then I realized that it was not the case,” Yuksel said.

Unfortunately, Memocan has since been stood down after becoming so protective of the cash register that several employees have been left with bloody fingers. However, Yuksel said the squirrel was “still calm” and will let itself be stroked by non-larcenous customers.


A German who caused a huge mobilisation of emergency services by claiming his girlfriend had been buried alive in a concrete box on a building site may have been “under the influence of drugs”, according to police in Gerstetten.

The 24-year-old rang police, telling them he could hear his girlfriend’s voice coming from the site. Officers rushed to the scene at 7am last Saturday, together with rescue dogs, firefighters, drone operators and even a rescue helicopter.

Police tried the woman’s phone number to see if she could talk to them from under the concrete and at 9.10am she called them back to say she was sitting at home, safe. It is not known if her boyfriend will face charges.


A giant Gwenn ha du – the flag of Brittany – that was supposed to appear at the grand depart of the Tour de France later this month has gone missing despite measuring 22 x 15 metres (72 x 49 feet).

Its owners say the 330m² flag has not been seen since being loaned to Vannes rugby club recently. “It cannot go unnoticed because its transport case weighs more than 80 kilos (12 stone 8lbs) alone,” said Mathilde Né from Le Mée workshops.


While Croatians recover from the disappointment of their Euros defeat to England, a property listing for a flat in Zagreb’s Kajzerica suburb is putting a smile back on many faces.

The advert states that only half of a three-room apartment is for sale at a bargain 65,000 euros (£56,000) because “the property has a lawsuit for the other half that has been going on for 15 years and probably as much judging by the speed of our judiciary. Whoever buys this half will also be able to buy the other very cheaply – 20% below the market price – if we succeed in a lawsuit.”

The listing continues: “This property is not for everyone, or ignorant people, but only for those who know this is completely fine or trust lawyers and want to resolve their housing issue very conveniently because they will be alone in the whole apartment until the dispute is resolved. I am only asking for serious offers, without pranksters or those who have not read the ad well and know nothing about real estate, or provocateurs.”


A pensioner says he is surprised to have been arrested after saw a man urinating in the park opposite his flat and then shot him from out of his sixth-floor window.

The former gardener, named only as Kurt R, said he reached for his air rifle after becoming enraged at drunk and screaming men who sit on the park bench near his window in Sömmerda.

He complained: “The police handcuffed me and knocked my cigarette out of my mouth. Now I have to go before a judge. I’ve worked all my life, even though I lost my left leg when I was four, when I went to the cemetery with my grandma, played around with a tombstone and it fell on my leg. I’ve been wearing a prosthesis since then.”

He said of the park drinkers: “The whole block is complaining. But police are no longer doing anything about it. So when one of the drunkards started peeing on the path the children take to school, I got my rifle, set my sights on him and shot him.”