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Weird Europe: Robot pizza chef in Paris.. and the Zagreb flat with the kitchen in the bathroom

A pizza restaurant with a robot as the chef has opened in Paris.

A woman watches as her pizza is prepared at Pazzi, Paris' first robotic pizzeria - Credit: Photo by Sam Tarling/Getty Images

At Pazzi, in the 4th arrondissement, customers watch as the machine’s articulated arms flatten the dough, spread the tomato sauce, add the toppings and put the pizza in the oven. Once cooked, the robot takes the pizza out and puts it in its box.

Each robot can make 80 pizzas an hour but costs half a million euros (£427,000) each.


The Zagreb flat with a kitchen in its bathroom – Credit: Twitter

Estate agents in Zagreb have admitted they are struggling to rent out a “unique” bargain flat because it has its kitchen in the bathroom.

The two-bedroom basement residence, which costs 300 euros (£257) per month, has an oven opposite the shower and a fridge next to the washbasin. The toilet is in a separate room, and the flat also boasts a dining room that would have been big enough to fit the kitchen into.

A spokesperson said they were “not sure exactly” why the bizarre decision to combine rooms was taken. “We are aware that it is not the happiest solution,” they continued, adding: “At least you can always say that your apartment is unique.”


An elderly couple in Walenstadt, Switzerland, woke up to find two men cooking a large meal in their kitchen (which was, happily, not in their bathroom).

“My wife has a very fine nose,” said 77-year-old Arnold Hartmann. “She woke up in the middle of the night and told me it smelled like food. In the kitchen, she saw two young men who had switched on all the hotplates and the steam extractor and were just about to warm up the beef that my wife had cooked.”

Hartmann, whose wife Vea is 70, said the burglars, aged in their twenties, had ignored his Apple Watch and wallet and gone straight for the kitchen, eating cured meat and opening other packets. “They took a lot of time to cook. That was quite a mess. They even found and used a special spice.”

The pair escaped when Vea went to wake up Arnold and have yet to be identified by police. Hartmann said it was a shame that their meal “was almost ready on the stove and nobody ate it.”


A rhea spotted walking through Vienna has been sent home to Slovenia for not having a European pet passport.

Police told the owner of the large flightless bird that they both had to return to their hometown of Ljubljana until they got the right paperwork.

The rhea, named Nina, was first spotted walking in Klagenfurt, which borders Slovenia.


A woman in Lower Bavaria, Germany, has been warned to take better care of her camel after it escaped and caused traffic chaos.

Police in Hauzenberg were alerted with a report that read “There is a camel walking down the street. It stands in the middle of the road and stops all the traffic.” However, when they got to the scene “only its legacy” remained, the officers coyly wrote.

The camel was found back in its paddock, from where its owner said it had fled during a food delivery.


Topless participants ride bicycles in solidarity with French citizen Gabrielle Lebreton, who was told to cover up by police while sunbathing topless in Berlin’s Planterwald park – Credit: Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

Dozens of topless women cycled through central Berlin in a show of solidarity for Frenchwoman Gabrielle Lebreton, who was told to cover up by police while sunbathing topless in the capital’s Plänterwald park.

The event was held under the banner “No nipple is free until all nipples are free” and is part of a national campaign called Equal Breasts for All, which is highlighting double standards in the acceptance of different genders’ right to be topless in public places.

Berlin police have said Lebreton was sunbathing beside a children’s splash pool where toplessness was specifically disallowed.

Meanwhile, three women who spotted a fire engine hosing down a road in Montenegro before a bicycle race have been heavily fined for stripping naked and dancing in the water.

Two 21-year-olds and a 19-year-old were fined 450 euros (£385) each for disturbing public order after a judge rejected their plea that “we just wanted to cool off”.

The Madrid tube network has installed a special entry door for Perez The Mouse (Ratoncito Pérez), the Spanish version of the tooth fairy.

The 15 x 15cm entrance is at Banco de España station and is so Perez can access underground to get back to his home in the royal palace.

He has been a popular figure in Spain since being created by children’s author Luis Coloma for King Alfonso XIII, when the eight-year-old royal lost his first tooth.