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President Trump: 48 facts you didn’t know about Donald Trump

Donald Trump (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik) - Credit: AP

From baffling cameo film roles and WWE wrestling fame to hair styling tips, we pick 48 things you never knew about the Donald


Trump was born on June 14 1946, the day before Noddy Holder and Demis Roussos

Trump was the tallest boy at the school he attended before being sent off to the New York Military Academy, a private boarding school, aged 13

He appeared in the same 1998 episode of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch as Ringo Starr

The Trump Organization managers both public skating rinks in New York’s Central Park

The politician claims his golf handicap is 2.8, which would make him the best golfer to become president, although there have been accounts of him bending the rules on the course

Donald Trump, with his sons Eric (left) and Donald Trump Jr – Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Trump was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013 for his contributions to wresting. Six years earlier, he had taken part in the Battle of the Billionaires, taking on WWE boss Vince McMahon. Before that a fight was staged between two wrestlers dressed as Trump and comedian Rosie O’Donnell, with whom the tycoon had been involved in a feud. ‘Trump’ won

His favourite films include Citizen Kane, Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The Godfather, Goodfellas and Gone with the Wind

In the 1980s, Trump owned a 281ft superyacht, Trump Princess, which he bought from the Sultan of Brunei. Trump had the H on helipad replaced with a T. The yacht had previously featured in the James Bond film Never Say Never Again

Branded merchandise sold by the tycoon’s organisation includes Success, a fragrance which ‘captures the spirit of the driven man’

In 2004, he tried to trademark the phrase ‘You’re fired!’


In 1989 he released a boardgame Trump: the Game, in which players snap up property – without knowing how much it is worth – which they can then buy and sell between one another. A relaunched version was released in 2004

Trump owned American Football team the New Jersey Generals, who competed in the United States Football League. At his urging, the league switched its schedule to compete directly with the more established NFL. However, it folded shortly afterwards

In the two seasons he owned the club, they won 14 of their 18 games, then 11 out of 18. They finished both seasons with first-round play-off losses

In 2014, he tried to buy the Buffalo Bills. Had he succeeded, he would never have run for president

Protesters in London during a march to promote women’s rights in the wake of the US election result. – Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

He has repeatedly praised the renowned late preacher Norman Vincent Peale, citing him as a formative influence. Peale’s son has said he wished he would not, saying it makes him ‘cringe’. ‘I regret the publicity of the connection. This is a problem for the Peale family,’ John Peale said

Trump has combed his hair the same way since the 1980s, according to a former stylist, who said his wife or daughter cuts it. Trump himself insists it is not a comb-over, rather ‘a little bit forward and back’. He once promised to change his hairstyle, if elected to president

At the age of 23, he invested $70,000 to become co-producer of a 1970 Broadway comedy Paris Is Out! a domestic comedy about a long-married couple who plan a tour of Europe; reportedly, his only demand was that his name get equal billing on the play’s posters. The show was a flop and closed after 112 performances

In 2007, the tycoon had talks about a possible Broadway Show, with the working title The Trump Follies, about a young bellhop working his way up through a hotel

One of his first acts, on taking control of family firm Elizabeth Trump & Son in 1971, was to rename it The Trump Organization

Protest banners are left in Duncannon Street, London, following a march to promote women’s rights – Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

In 1990, Spy magazine carried out an experiment sending a cheque for $1.11 to 56 of the world’s richest people, of whom 26 cashed them in; the experiment was repeated with a cheque for 64 cents, sent to those 26, of whom 13 cashed it. Those 13 then received a final cheque, for 13 cents. Only two cashed them: an arms dealer and Donald Trump

The now defunct New York magazine built its reputation by mocking Trump and engaged in various stunts: calling his old phone number to interview new residents about him, writing to death-row inmates to solicit their views on him, interpreting his body language and posting a spoof advert to find him a wife

Spy also sparked the ongoing controversy over the size of Trump’s hands, labelling him a ‘short fingered vulgarian’. Trump still sends photographs of his hands to one of the magazine’s founders, in an attempt to show his fingers are not short. An imprint of Trump’s left hand at Madame Tussaud’s New York wax museum suggests it is 7.25 inches in length, compared with the average male hand size of 7.44 inches

OJ Simpson was among the guests at Trump’s 1993 wedding to second wife Marla Maples, six months before he was arrested over the murder of his wife and her friend. Arriving at the New York ceremony, Simpson told reporters: ‘I think everybody in the country believes maybe their relationship can work, if this relationship can work, you know?’

Donald Trump – Credit: Archant

All four of Trump’s grandparents were born in Europe.

Trump’s older brother, Fred Jr, was an airline pilot, who died an alcoholic, in 1981

The middle name of Trump’s father, Fred Snr, and brother, Fred Jr, was Christ

His uncle John G. Trump was an electrical engineer and inventor, who was involved in radar research for the Allies in the Second World War and helped design X-ray machines. Donald has cited his uncle as evidence of his ‘smart genes’

In 2000, Trump sought the presidential nomination of the Reform Party. He repeatedly labelled his rival Pat Buchanan, a ‘Hitler lover’

During that campaign, he named Oprah Winfrey as his ideal running mate

In 1987, Trump spend almost $100,000 to place a full-page advertisement criticising US foreign policy in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Boston Globe. The page said ‘There’s nothing wrong with America’s Foreign Defense Policy that a little backbone can’t cure’

Trump Tower was used as the fictional home of Wayne Enterprises in The Dark Knight Rises

When Trump married first wife, Czechoslovakian-born Ivana Zelnickova in 1977, agents from her home country’s communist era secret police, the StB, opened a file on him, and quizzed his father-in-law about him

His startlingly unoriginal nickname – The Donald – was inadvertently coined by Ivana, who had to learn English from scratch when she moved to New York. One habit of hers was to put ‘the’ in front of most people’s names. It stuck after she was quoted in a magazine using the name – although she actually called him The Don

Trump has been accused of using the pseudonyms ‘John Miller’ or ‘John Barron’ to defend himself to reporters

His youngest son Barron, is fluent in Slovenian, the first language of his mother, Melania; his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, speaks Czech, his own mother’s first language

Barron, 10, has his own floor in the family penthouse at the top of Trump Tower. When he was younger, his mother said that she would cover him each night in a moisturiser infused with caviar

Former tenants of Trump Tower include ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier, the former Haitian dictator, Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Michael Jackson. Chuck Blazer, the controversial former Fifa official and whistleblower, rented an apartment in the building just for his cats

To build Trump Tower, the tycoon had to buy the ‘air rights’ above Tiffany & Company store. He later named his only child with second wife Marla Maples after the firm

Tiffany Trump launched a short-lived musical career as a teenager, releasing a single ‘Like a Bird’

Trump once claimed he had the world’s greatest memory, although during a deposition for a lawsuit against the defunct Trump University he said he could not remember making the boast

When The Apprentice performed well in the ratings, Trump tweeted the fact, adding ‘congratulations Donald!’

His sister, Maryanne Trump Barry is a senior judge. She once presided over the conviction of Louis Manna, a Genovese crime family boss accused of plotting to assassinate rival John Gotti

His first television appearance seems to have been an uncredited 1981 cameo on the sitcom The Jeffersons

The president-elect made a cameo appearance in the 1989 film Ghosts Can’t Do It, a supernatural sex comedy starring Bo Derek which won the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture

His most famous cameo, in Home Alone 2, came about, according to those involved in the film, because he turned up on set. Twenty two years later, he retweeted a person telling him: ‘Your cameo in Home Alone 2 was some top notch stuff, you should be in more movies’

When Trump appeared in the sitcom The Nanny, his office requested a script rewrite. One character was to say: ‘Do all you handsome millionaires know each other?’ But a note from his representative to the producers said: ‘Since he’s a billionaire, he would like the line changed accordingly’. In the end, the script was changed to say ‘zillionaire’

Trump’s Cameo in Wall Street sequel Money Never Sleeps, was cut from the final version. Before the shoot began, Trump’s team sent a memo with instructions on how Trump should be lit (‘no red tones please’), shot (‘camera eye level or above’) and depicted (‘warm golden tan skin and a more defined jaw-line’)

Trump was not drafted to serve in the Vietnam War, having got a medical deferment because of bone spurs in his feet. He later joked that dating in the 1980s, and avoiding STDs was his ‘personal Vietnam’

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