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These MPs just voted against protecting the NHS from a post-Brexit trade deal

Results of a vote is announced in the House of Commons. Photograph: Jessica Taylor/House of Commons. - Credit: Archant

An amendment to the government’s Trade Bill intended to protect the NHS and publicly funded health and care services from any form of control from outside the UK has been defeated.

The government insisted UK law offers such protections and any changes would have to come before parliament.

But for Labour, shadow international trade minister Bill Esterson said the lack of scrutiny threatens to leave the health service ‘wide open to pharmaceutical giants’.

MPs voted by 340 votes to 251 against supporting the amendment.

We Own It campaigns officer Ellen Lees said: ‘It’s frankly sickening that at a time when we’re more reliant on our NHS than ever before, the government has steamrollered through parliament a Trade Bill that offers absolutely no protection for our treasured NHS. We’re now at risk of higher drug prices, private companies being able to sue the government if it tries to limit their ability to profit from our healthcare, and Donald Trump getting his hands on our NHS.

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‘Worse still, parliament won’t even get to have a say in any future trade deals – meaning our NHS could be offered up on a silver platter to the highest bidder, and we wouldn’t know a thing about it before a trade deal is signed and sealed.

‘This government promised to ‘take back control’ but they’re doing the opposite. They promised to keep the NHS off the table. They’re doing the opposite. Now it’s time for the House of Lords to step up to the plate and fight back against this totally undemocratic power grab from the government.’

These MPs voted against the proposal:

Ada, Nigel

Afriyie, Adam

Ahmad Khan, Ian

Aiken, Nickie

Aldous, Peter

Allan, Lucy

Amess, Sir David

Anderson, Lee

Anderson, Stuart

Ansell, Caroline

Argar, Edward

Atherton, Sarah

Atkins, Victoria

Bacon, Gareth

Bacon, Richard

Badenoch, Kemi

Bailey, Shaun

Baillie, Siobhan

Baker, Duncan

Baker, Steve

Baldwin, Harriett

Baron, John

Baynes, Simon

Bell, Aaron

Benton, Scott

Beresford, Sir Paul

Berry, Jake

Bhatti, Saqib

Blackman, Bob

Blunt, Crispin

Bone, Peter

Bowie, Andrew

Bradley, Ben

Bradley, Karen

Braverman, Suella

Brereton, Jack

Bridgen, Andrew

Brine, Steve

Bristow, Paul

Britcliffe, Sara

Brokenshire, James

Browne, Anthony

Bruce, Fiona

Buchan, Felicity

Buckland, Robert

Burghart, Alex

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Burns, Conor

Butler, Rob

Cairns, Alun

Carter, Andy

Cartlidge, James

Cash, Sir William

Cates, Miriam

Caulfield, Maria

Chalk, Alex

Chishti, Rehman

Churchill, Jo

Clark, Greg

Clarke, Simon

Clarke, Theo

Clarke-Smith, Brendan

Clarkson, Chris

Cleverly, James

Clifton-Brown, Sir Geoffrey

Coffey, Dr Thérèse

Colburn, Elliot

Collins, Damian

Costa, Alberto

Courts, Robert

Coutinho, Claire

Cox, Geoffrey

Crabb, Stephen

Crosbie, Virginia

Crouch, Tracey

Daly, James

Davies, David T. C.

Davies, Gareth

Davies, Dr James

Davies, Mi

Davis, David

Davison, Dehenna

Dinenage, Caroline

Dines, Miss Sarah

Djanogly, Jonathan

Docherty, Leo

Donelan, Michelle

Dorries, Nadine

Double, Steve

Dowden, Oliver

Doyle-Price, Jackie

Drax, Richard

Drummond, s Flick

Duddridge, James

Duguid, David

Duncan Smith, Sir Iain

Dunne, Philip

Eastwood, Mark

Edwards, Ruth

Ellis, Michael

Ellwood, Tobias

Eustice, George

Evans, Dr Luke

Evennett, Sir David

Everitt, Ben

Fabricant, Michael

Farris, Laura

Fell, Simon

Fletcher, Katherine

Fletcher, Mark

Fletcher, Nick

Ford, Vicky

Foster, Kevin

Francois, Mark

Frazer, Lucy

Freeman, George

Freer, Mike

Fuller, Richard

Fysh, Marcus

Gale, Sir Roger

Garnier, Mark

Ghani, Nusrat

Gibb, Nick

Gideon, Jo

Gillan, Dame Cheryl

Glen, John

Goodwill, Robert

Gove, Michael

Graham, Richard

Grant, s Helen

Grayling, Chris

Green, Chris

Green, Damian

Griffith, Andrew

Griffiths, Kate

Grundy, James

Gullis, Jonathan

Halfon, Robert

Hall, Luke

Hammond, Stephen

Hancock, Matt

Hands, Greg

Harper, Mark

Harris, Rebecca

Harrison, Trudy

Hart, Sally-Ann

Hart, Simon

Hayes, Sir John

Heald, Sir Oliver

Heappey, James

Heaton-Harris, Chris

Henderson, Gordon

Henry, Darren

Higginbotham, Antony

Hinds, Damian

Hoare, Simon

Holden, Richard

Hollinrake, Kevin

Hollobone, Philip

Holloway, Adam

Holmes, Paul

Howell, John

Howell, Paul

Huddleston, Nigel

Hudson, Dr Neil

Hunt, Jane

Hunt, Jeremy

Hunt, Tom

Jack, Alister

Javid, Sajid

Jayawardena, Ranil

Jenkin, Sir Bernard

Jenkyns, Andrea

Jenrick, Robert

Johnson, Boris

Johnson, Dr Caroline

Johnson, Gareth

Johnston, David

Jones, Andrew

Jones, David

Jones, Fay

Jones, Marcus

Jupp, Simon

Kawczynski, Daniel

Kearns, Alicia

Keegan, Gillian

Knight, Sir Greg

Knight, Julian

Kruger, Danny

Kwarteng, Kwasi

Lamont, John

Largan, Robert

Latham, s Pauline

Leadsom, Andrea

Levy, Ian

Lewer, Andrew

Lewis, Dr Julian

Liddell-Grainger, Ian

Loder, Chris

Logan, Mark

Longhi, Marco

Lopez, Julia

Lopresti, Jack

Lord, Jonathan

Loughton, Tim

Mackinlay, Craig

Mackrory, Cherilyn

Maclean, Rachel

Mak, Alan

Malthouse, Kit

Mangnall, Anthony

Mann, Scott

Marson, Julie

May, s Theresa

Mayhew, Jerome

Maynard, Paul

McCartney, Karl

McPartland, Stephen

Menzies, Mark

Mercer, Johnny

Merriman, Huw

Metcalfe, Stephen

Millar, Robin

Miller, s Maria

Milling, Amanda

Mills, Nigel

Mitchell, Andrew

Mohindra, Gagan

Moore, Damien

Moore, Robbie

Mordaunt, Penny

Morris, Anne Marie

Morris, David

Morris, James

Morrissey, Joy

Morton, Wendy

Mullan, Dr Kieran

Mumby-Croft, Holly

Mundell, David

Murray, s Sheryll

Murrison, Dr Andrew

Neill, Sir Robert

Nici, Lia

Nokes, Caroline

Norman, Jesse

O’Brien, Neil

Offord, Dr Matthew

Opperman, Guy

Parish, Neil

Patel, Priti

Pawsey, Mark

Penning, Sir Mike

Penrose, John

Philp, Chris

Pincher, Christopher

Poulter, Dr Dan

Prentis, Victoria

Pursglove, Tom

Quin, Jeremy

Quince, Will

Raab, Dominic

Randall, Tom

Redwood, John

Rees-Mogg, Jacob

Richards, Nicola

Richardson, Angela

Roberts, Rob

Robertson, Laurence

Robinson, Mary

Rosindell, Andrew

Ross, Douglas

Rowley, Lee

Russell, Dean

Rutley, David

Sambrook, Gary

Saxby, Selaine

Scully, Paul

Seely, Bob

Selous, Andrew

Shapps, Grant

Sharma, Alok

Shelbrooke, Alec

Simmonds, David

Skidmore, Chris

Smith, Chloe

Smith, Greg

Smith, Henry

Smith, Julian

Smith, Royston

Solloway, Amanda

Spencer, Dr Ben

Spencer, Mark

Stafford, Alexander

Stephenson, Andrew

Stevenson, Jane

Stevenson, John

Stewart, Bob

Stewart, Iain

Streeter, Sir Gary

Stuart, Graham

Sturdy, Julian

Sunak, Rishi

Sunderland, James

Swayne, Sir Desmond

Sy, Sir Robert

Thomas, Derek

Throup, Maggie

Timpson, Edward

Tolhurst, Kelly

Tomlinson, Justin

Tracey, Craig

Trevelyan, Anne-Marie

Truss, Elizabeth

Tugendhat, Tom

Vickers, Martin

Vickers, Matt

Villiers, Theresa

Wakeford, Christian

Walker, Sir Charles

Walker, Robin

Wallace, Ben

Wallis, Dr Jamie

Warburton, David

Warman, Matt

Watling, Giles

Webb, Suzanne

Whately, Helen

Whittaker, Craig

Whittingdale, John

Wiggin, Bill

Wild, James

Willia, Craig

Williaon, Gavin

Wood, Mike

Wragg, William

Wright, Jeremy

Zahawi, Nadhim

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