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The British Trumpers who will remain angry about the results whatever happens

President Donald Trump smiles while disparaging Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden at a campaign rally at Oakland County International Airport - Credit: Getty Images

STEVE ANGLESEY on how it doesn’t matter if Trump is in The White House in January as the intolerance, rage and loathing he has boiled up will remain.

Everyone was surprised but them. As America’s election headed to VAR with the pollsters having got it wrong again, members of a British pro-Trump group on Facebook had always expected their man to confound expectations.

“It is clear we got this. Rejoice patriots, it is just a matter of time. America is saved,” wrote a West Ham fan from Bethnal Green.

“The lamestream media did their best again but, just like Brexit in the UK, the people saw through it,” said a man from Nottingham.

“They tried every trick in the book and it still wasn’t enough… Let the liberal meltdown begin!”

They had decried talk of a big win for Joe Biden all the way – even if their own predictions also proved a tad over-optimistic.

“This election will see the biggest swing to Republican ever.

The Illuminati have hijacked the Democrat party to implement their globalist agenda,” said one member of We Love President Trump UK, a group with 13,000 members from Glasgow to Portsmouth and a mission statement claiming it as “pro-Trump, pro-Brexit” and opposed to “Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour” and “any idea of man-made climate change.

We believe in real science – Vostok ice core samples not fake science using doctored graphs and numbers to create a huge money-making scam”.

The confidence was widespread. Another group member tipped “Trump by a literal and massive landslide”, with a third assuring nervous members that a Republican win was part of “God’s plan – dark to light”. 

The polls showing otherwise? All fixed. “KIllery Clinton was said to be 15 points ahead of course and lost.

The only way the Democrats can win is by massive ballot-rigging,” said a Brexiteer expat in Portugal. “We had the same in the UK with Brexit, the looney left kept claiming they would win a People’s Vote and all the polls indicated they would win, well we had a general election and they shut them all down,” said a man from Knutsford, now resident in Bangkok. 

What did this disparate group of Brits like so much about Donald Trump? “I love it when he drops a swear word, it says he’s a down-to-earth guy,” said a man from Rotherham.

“Unlike the corrupt media and leftie/libs, most sensible Brits wish we had his clone to drain our Westminster swap,” wrote a woman from Largs.

Others seemed to love him for winning them money in 2016.

Posts showed betting slips with £500 and £1,000 wagers for the president, some from people who claimed to have won big on him in 2016 and paid for “a week in the Algarve” or a “new gearbox”. “I’ve bet 4k on him and not told my wife,” said one Trumper.

Those not banking on the president to make them money wanted him to deliver by handing out a whupping to the left:

“Flood the streets with those woke liberal nutjobs’ salty tears,” urged one man.

The Democrats were “just like jackals screaming for (Trump’s) death, they are corrupt… an utter disgrace to humanity.

They are the deep state,” said a woman from Castleford. “Biden is part of a huge crime family, disloyal, useless, creepy and touchy, involved in spy operations and just plain clueless,” wrote a woman from Cambridge.

“Biden is a senile puppet of the ultra-rich like Gates and Soros,” claimed another member.

A woman whose Facebook page included QAnon posts and a cross of St George above a message reading ‘I want my country back’, wrote that Britain and America “both are plagued by left-wing Marxists who hate their country.”

But the hate seemed to be fairly one-sided to me. The British Trumpers railed against everything from American pollsters to British newspapers to UK television’s Gogglebox.

“It’s blatantly leftist bile just like everything on TV now, it’s drip, drip constant brainwashing; the only programme I watch and have a laugh with is The Big Bang Theory,” said one woman.

“So bias against Donald,” agreed a man. “Channel 4. Don’t be surprised. It’s run by liberal freaks,” said another group member.

A former care worker from the Isle of Wight wanted the BBC closed down. “They must be being paid by the Globalists,” she wrote.

“Now not only are they telling lies about our government and backing our disgusting Labour Lib/Dims But they are telling lies about Trump and backing the corrupt Biden and the Democrats!!”

Another woman wrote that “as a UK citizen I feel my values more in line with American patriots than I do for my own country. Here we are shamed if we are patriotic and everything is geared to please those not from this country. I am ashamed to be a Brit. My country is lost.”

Then came election night, with results in Florida, Ohio and Texas offering vindication even as the Midwest remained in play.

Now, the Trumped-up talk of a polling conspiracy seemed to be the biggest worry.

“The lamestream media will keep saying Biden is winning, even when it is clear he is not,” wrote the man from Nottingham.

“They do this to give their left-wing position more support when the Dems dispute the result, as Biden has already suggested they will.”

A man from Middlesbrough added: “MSM squirming because they know Trump has won and trying to accept the fact that they are taking votes after the event!”

I’d imagined that watching Britain’s Trumpy Brexiteers over the final days of the campaign, before and after they lost, might be somehow cathartic after 2016. Maybe even fun.

I was wrong on all counts. Because it almost does not matter whether Donald Trump is in the White House until January 2021 or January 2025.

Even when he is finally gone, the intolerance, the rage and the loathing he has boiled up will remain.

It is simmering away now, not just in Birmingham, Alabama but also in Birmingham, the West Midlands. It is a crude weapon, ready to wield. Who will pick it up next?

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