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James O’Brien shuts down pro-Trump caller who tried to claim Joe Biden was corrupt

James O'Brien - Credit: LBC

James O’Brien has shut down a Trump supporter who called in to push false allegations that Joe Biden was corrupt.

A US caller was left eating his words after failing to provide evidence proving Joe Biden was a “corrupt” politician.

The call comes after unprecedented scenes in America on Wednesday saw a woman shot dead and four others die – including a law enforcement officer defending the capital – after pro-Trump supporters stormed congressional buildings.

Thousands of rioters broke into Capitol Hill in an attempt to stop Congress certifying the Electoral College vote that gave Joe Biden the presidency.

Jim, an US ex-pat living in the UK, said the reason people supported Donald Trump is because he is an “honest crook” and that US voters were so disillusioned with politicians that they appreciated his honesty.

He called Biden a “polished liar” but when asked to provide evidence of this, he simply replied: “How else could he possibly stay in power?”

Jim then admitted he “did not know anything” about Biden before 2020, and said that every politicians “lies” to stay in power. 

O’Brien asked how he could be sure if he had never heard of Biden before, prompting the caller to say “it didn’t matter” before yelling out his claims one more time.

O’Brien shot back: “So, you can look at Donald Trump and see what you describe as an ‘honest crook’ and there is all the evidence of his wrong-doing over the last 50 years… but then you’ve got Joe Biden over there with no evidence whatsoever of his malfeasance or misbehaviour, but you’re absolutely convinced he’s a wrong’un.”

Jim cited a Panorama documentary which exposed wrong-doing among US politicians as evidence for his argument.

“But was Joe Biden in it?” O’Brien asked.

“No, he was not in it” Jim replied, prompting a stern response from O’Brien.

“Do you recognise how ridiculous you sound? And I say that affectionately… At some point in the last 50 years, you’ve become a man, who’s absolutely convinced of things by having no evidence whatsoever. How did that happen?”

Jim recounted a bad experience with US police as the catalyst.