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Pro-EU radio presenter issues Remainers with warning against Brexit ‘gloating’

LBC presenter James O'Brien - Credit: Twitter

A radio presenter who supports Britain remaining in the EU has issued Remainers with a stark warning against Brexit “gloating”.

James O’Brien said it was “stupid” of Remainers to celebrate something that was bound to hurt them.

Speaking about an FT columnist’s tweet advising against gloating, O’Brien said: “There are two things to say about that. Number one: He’s just right; it’s stupid. How can you gloat about something that’s just going to hurt you?

“I get it, some people won’t be able to help themselves,” he said, moving on to the issue of triumphalism. “It is unavoidable because somebody like me is going to be accused of gloating and triumphalism, even as I sit here saying there is no gloating and triumphalism involved.”

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He went on to say: “In fact, the people who thought the British people were stupid were now, of course, in the British Cabinet.

“There’s not going to be any gloating or triumphalism but there will be truth, as there always will be on this programme.

“There are going to be facts and there is going to be the information you need to reach an informed decision. If you don’t want to be well-informed, that’s absolutely fine, but you can’t argue with people who are.

“Because as soon as facts appear in the building, ill-informed people, historically, fall away.

“Tragically, we’re still living in an era where they’re still getting promoted.”

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O’Brien’s remarks come as a meeting between Boris Johnson and EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen ended without progress being made on a Brexit deal.

Johnson flew to Brussels for an emergency meeting on Wednesday evening in a bid to break the deadlock on issues such as the so-called level playing field, fisheries, and the role of the European Court of Justice but ended with both leaders acknowledging “very large gaps” remained.

Negotiations between both teams will continue in Brussels until Sunday.

Taking to Twitter, David Franklin posted: “Of course Remainers were right. But I’m not gloating, I’m extremely angry and upset about this whole scandalous Brexit con.”

Eddie Burfi shared: “Gloating over Brexit going badly is like being the back end of a pantomime donkey and laughing at the bloke in front who has got explosive diarrhoea after eating the off smelling fish you warned him against.”

One user wrote: “Remainers were never the problem, though were they. They tried to warn the others about what would happen. When they are proved right there is an element of vindication no doubt and they are entitled to that. What are the leavers reactions to being lied to all this time?”

Another surmised: “It’s hard to laugh at someone sh***ing the bed when you share the same sheets and mattress.”

Damian Wilkinson reflected: “We will soon all be learning the hard truth about actions having consequences. Some will be affected worse than I, some less so, but we all will learn together.”

Sean McGrinder quipped: “I’m laughing because I live in Northern Ireland…well, soon to be just Ireland.”