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James O’Brien exposes ‘hypocrisy’ of anti-lockdown advocates

James O'Brien - Credit: LBC

James O’Brien has summed up the “hypocrisy” of people opposing lockdown in a brilliant one-and-a-half minute monologue.

O’Brien said people ignoring restrictions were having a “toddler tantrum” and were usually those “who are really into law and order if they think it’s only going to be others that get on the wrong end of authoritarianism”.

He said the stop and search of young black people in the name of stopping knife crime was a burning example of that hypocrisy.

“Find me an old white dude who thinks the stop and search of innocent young black is an absolutely fine price to pay because [of] knife crime. I’ll find you an old white dude who thinks that having their own freedoms temporarily curtailed is an outrageous imposition despite 81,000 deaths,” the LBC presenter said.

“How stark sometimes does the illustration of the hypocrisy and the double standards have to be?”

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O’Brien then imagined having a conversation with someone who opposed lockdown.

“How do you feel about stop and search? Absolutely fine, you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear. Have you ever been stopped and searched? Don’t be ridiculous, I’m an old white dude.

“How do you feel about clamping down on people who are out spreading a virus that’s already killed 81,431 Brits? I think it’s absolutely outrageous. What why? It may involve me!”

@glamdoc said O’Brien “totally nailed it” while one user said his explanation was “perfect”.