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James O’Brien urges public to ‘wake up’ to ‘lies’ spread by government ahead of Brexit decision

James O'Brien - Credit: Twitter

James O’Brien has urged the public to “wake up” to the “lies” being spread by the government ahead of a decision on Brexit.

O’Brien, an LBC radio presenter, told Britons in a nine-and-a-half-minute long monologue they were on the precipice of being ‘fooled’ yet again over Brexit.

“Brexit was meant to make our lives better,” he said, adding: “very simply, you were promised an improvement to your life… In every measurable area in the short term and hopefully not-too-long term. And then they start saying that we’ll see the economic benefits in 50 years time.

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“Well, that’s ok if you got a few quid in the bank but if you’re on struggle street then taking an economic hit for the next 50 years could be the difference between sinking and floating.”

O’Brien said the result was a “bitter” national discourse, reflecting: “No one is born like that, no one has ended up like that by accident. It’s a conscious and deliberate effort to enrage you with false information.

“For example, now you’re supposed to be cross with the National Trust because it wants to put the history of historic houses in the actual historic house.”

He added: “How bonkers do you need to be to buy into that?” 

He called that line of thinking as the “credo of the parliamentary Conservative Party”. “People believe if you give food vouchers to the parents of hungry children then they’ll go spend them in brothels and crack dens.

“This gets in public by politicians! This is what Brexit has done to us! Until you acknowledge that they were wrong, they will carry on.”

He surmised that the same “madness” had been leashed upon the Black Lives Matter movement.  

“They’re trying to make you angry about that now… [They’re saying] Black Lives Matter is a Marxist movement that wants to defund the police and everybody who believes that Black lives matter or that racism exists are somehow calling for a collapse of civilization. 

“These are just lies… It’s just not true.”

He continued: “They’ve just turned the anger you’ve been directed at Brussels, now that you are slowly waking up to the fact that Brussels didn’t deserve any of that anger, they have to find new places to put it.

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“You see, they still think you’re dumb. A little bit of xenophobic stoking, a little bit of poking, a little bit of provoking and they’ll move your fury from Brussels and the European Union… and they’ll stick it somewhere else and it will be just as dishonest and it will be just as dangerous.”

O’Brien ended with a stark warning to Remainers.

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“They tell us they we don’t love our country enough… those of us who point with laser-like clarity to every single thing that I’ve just pointed out to you as an assault on British people, British values, and British history.

“They will accuse us of being unpatriotic and it’s up to us to decide whether we’re going to let them get away with it, again.”