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‘You’re wrong, wrong, wrong’: Nigel Farage disputes claim Donald Trump endorsed bleach as Covid treatment

Nigel Farage (L) and Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain - Credit: Twitter

Piers Morgan has slammed Nigel Farage for refusing to believe Donald Trump promoted bleach as a form of treatment against the coronavirus.

Farage, who has been on the ground with Trump in the US, dismissed assertions that the US president promoted the use of a lethal substance as a Covid-19 vaccine.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, the Brexit Party leader challenged hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

Morgan said: “The management of this pandemic has been an utter disaster. I said this to him the other day and that’s one of the reasons why we had a falling out because I just thought his whole strategy of taking this so lightly, not dealing with it properly has led to America having 220,000 deaths – the worst record by far anywhere in the world…”

Farage tried to interrupt but Morgan continued on: “His refusal to mandate people to wear masks, to tell them from the podium to take it seriously and to social distance, his nonsensical cure theories like bleach and so on. All of it was woefully irresponsible…”

Farage cut in: “No, no, no, no, no, no, no. End this nonsense. He never mentioned bleach Piers. Do not, do not allow your viewers to believe that…”

“We literally all heard him say it, Farage. What are you talking about?” shot back Morgan.

“Are you seriously telling me that he said bleach?” the Brexit Party leader asked.

“Yes!” both presenters exclaimed.

“Well, you’re wrong, wrong, and wrong, and let me tell you…”

Morgan interrupted and explained that Trump had advised the use of bleach during a coronavirus press conference in the White House and also showed him a clip.

“Piers,” Farage blurted before stopping himself from uttering what seemed to be profanity, “…you’re talking utter rubbish.

“You are sinking to the gutter by talking about bleach.”

He added: “Grow up and stop being fake news, he never said bleach,” before taking a swipe at the programme’s low viewer ratings.

Farage then heaped praise on the president saying he had tried his best and gave him a tick of approval for stopping flights from China while the UK did not.

Nigel Farage has refuted claims Donald Trump endorsed inject

Twitter users ridiculed Farage’s response.

@MC0wbell tweeted: “Just woken up to @GMB. Watching @piersmorgan and @susannareid100 taking Nigel Farage to the cleaners on #GMB. Although Nigel hasn’t ever been to the cleaners due to him not knowing what bleach is.”

Daniel G said: “Nigel Farage being the total f**kwit he is. He’s only relevant because he’s forming another non-successful party for election otherwise he would be in the gutter. What a moron this guy is.”

“There isn’t an emoji reaction for realising you’re agreeing with Piers,” Jessie added.

“Some of the funniest shit I have ever seen,” quipped Paul Shaw.