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BREXITEERS OF THE WEEK: New Scottish Tory adviser found Brexit vote ‘too difficult’ to decide

Kirstene Hair on Question Time - Credit: BBC

STEVE ANGLESEY looks at the Brexiteers of the Week – including Kirstene Hair, who has become an adviser for the Scottish Tories, despite finding the EU referendum too “difficult”.

People are crying “foul” at football referee turned Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross’ big new signing, an adviser who will help him reach swift decisions on the big issues of the day.
It’s former MP Hair, who lost her Angus seat to the SNP last December after revealing she hadn’t taken part in the 2016 EU referendum because it was too hard to choose between Leave and Remain.
Hair said then: “I didn’t vote on Brexit. I took the decision not to vote on it. It was incredibly difficult. It was very difficult because you get two arguments, very strong on both sides. I just ultimately couldn’t make that decision and I thought I would therefore go with the will of the UK which, if I’m honest, I thought we would Remain. But I left that to everyone else.”

The Daily Express’ Brexit cheerleading plumbed new depths with a column from their head of news which began: “There are about 750 million people in Europe, and it may be that only one of them truly understands Brexit. And we are really, like really, lucky that this man is David Frost.”
Calling for his “bloody marvellous” new hero to be made prime minister despite the fact that he’s not even an MP, Baldwin added that “Frost, almost from nowhere, is looking like the signing of the decade – a veritable Lionel Messi of the negotiating world.” Quite apt that, as until recently Messi tried to duck out of an agreement with his club Barcelona, refused to negotiate with them and is now moaning about how unfair it all is to anyone who will listen – the UK’s trade talks strategy in a nutshell!

In what must surely be the feelgood story of 2020 so far, no-deal Brexit backer Banks claims Deal or No Deal host Noel Edmonds has run off to New Zealand to avoid paying him a £1.34 million debt. The dispute arises from an insurance policy taken out with one of Banks’ companies by Edmonds to cover his legal costs in an ultimately successful court battle to recover £5 million from Lloyds Banking Group after a fraud. 
Edmonds denies any wrongdoing and says he has moved to Auckland not to hide out but to launch a station playing music for houseplants. Mr Blobby’s pal called Arron’s accusations “absolute disgusting lies” – something for which Banks has no form whatsoever.

“This intolerance must be fought,” croaked the nicotine-stained man-frog about Extinction Rebellion’s printworks blockades. Yet Farage is open to intolerance of other kinds, holding a secret breakfast meeting with new trade adviser Tony Abbott last Thursday morning.
The pair chatted at around the same time as Hat Mancock appeared to agree with Sky News’ Kay Burley that the former Australian PM was a “misogynist and homophobe” – with the health secretary helpfully adding, “He is also an expert in trade”. 
But none of that will matter to Farage, who might agree with Abbott’s words on migrants last year: “The problem with the people who have been swarming across the borders in Europe in very recent times is that you don’t get any impression that they come to join. You get the impression they come to change.”

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