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Trump caller hangs up on James O’Brien after failing to cite ex-president’s ‘truths’

James O'Brien on LBC radio - Credit: LBC/Twitter

A Donald Trump supporter abruptly hung up on a national radio presenter after failing to cite examples of the former US president telling the truth.

Steve from Islington rang James O’Brien to tell him there was a lot in the media which were lies about the outgoing US president.

Steve then accused O’Brien of unfairly labelling Trump a racist and asked him to explain why.

“Because he accused Barack Obama of not having been born in America and lying about his birth certificate,” O’Brien replied.

When Steve asked how exactly that was racist, O’Brien said: “Birtherism is racist,” at which Steve interrupted to claim other white presidents have been accused of not being born in America, and whether that would constitute racism.

O’Brien said it would not, but asked the caller to clarify who he was talking about, which he was unable to do.

The pair then descended into a spat over the correct term to give rioters who stormed Capitol Hill a fortnight ago and ended with O’Brien calling Trump racist because he “questioned a black man’s birth certificate” knowing that it was “absolutely untrue”.

“So, that would be called a racist lie, which was made to make people who feel uncomfortable about Barack Obama’s skin colour believe something that is not true about him and then undermines the legitimacy of his presidency.”

When O’Brien asked the Steve what he liked about Trump, the call went even further downhill.

“I think he spoke a lot of the truth on stuff,” Steven said.

O’Brien shot back asking “yeah, what stuff?”

A click is then heard and the caller simply hangs up.