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Who are the 24 MPs seeking to overthrow Theresa May?

24 Tory MPs have so far publicly declared they have no confidence in Theresa May as prime minister. Here’s who they are

Steve Baker

47, Wycombe

Short-lived Brexit minister and Tory hardliner who is sceptical about climate change and opposed to same-sex marriage. A co-founder in 2015 of Conservatives for Britain, a group of 50 Tory MPs described by the Guardian as ‘the new bastards’

Peter Bone

66, Wellingborough

Veteran oddball who has tabled bills to make June 23 a bank holiday called “Independence Day”, privatise the BBC and Channel 4, decriminalise TV licence-dodging and end working time regulations. Earlier this year The Sun revealed Bone’s commitment to the Leave cause in all its forms, after he left his wife, often mentioned in Parliament, for a married physio 20 years his junior

Ben Bradley

28, Mansfield

Parliamentary newcomer who has written that a “vast sea of unemployed wasters” should have vasectomies in order to stop them having multiple children. Subsequently apologised for the remarks, saying that his “time in politics has allowed me to mature and I now realise that this language is not appropriate”

Andrew Bridgen

54, North West Leicestershire

Idiosyncratic backbencher who believes the 48 threshold of letters has already been met but are being hidden by Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee. Made headlines last month when he told Radio 5 Live that he and any British citizen was entitled to an Irish passport as part of a special arrangement with the Republic of Ireland and then hanging up

Sir Bill Cash

78, Stone

Veteran Eurosceptic and Maastricht rebel who enjoys making life difficult for Conservative leaders (with the exception of Iain Duncan Smith, who put him in his Shadow Cabinet). Is married to a “society milliner”

Maria Caulfield

45, Lewes

Little-known backbencher who faced criticism from local police earlier this year after she suggested Lambeth schoolchildren were more likely to end up in prison than university, while defending the controversial appointment of Toby Young to a new educational role. Supporter of lowering the abortion time limit

Simon Clarke

34, Middlesbrough, South and East Cleveland

Unknown former Dominic Raab staffer whose Wikipedia entry, at 354 words, is considerably smaller than that of little-remembered 1980s children’s TV character Mooncat (601)

Philip Davies

46, Shipley

Partner of former work and pensions secretary Esther McVey who campaigns against feminism and for the men’s rights movement. An enthusiastic supporter of both Donald Trump and the gambling industry. Has repeatedly blocked legislation through filibustering and has questioned why it is racist to black up and whether it is racist to refer to BMWs as “black man’s wheels”

Nadine Dorries

61, Mid Bedfordshire

Sluggish hardline Brexiteer whose red line of leaving the Customs Union was undermined by leaked WhatsApp messages to fellow Tory MPs which showed she didn’t know what the Customs Union was. Floated the idea of joint Conservative-UKIP candidates ahead of the 2015 general election, with herself as such a candidate

James Duddridge

47, Rochford and Southend East

Former Foreign Officer minister who said in 2013 that Britain should tell the EU to “sod off” rather than pay benefits to Romanians and Bulgarians. Attracted controversy the following year after claiming £11,348 for accommodation in London on expenses, mostly for hotels, despite already owning two homes in the city

Mark Francois

53, Rayleigh and Wickford

14-year frontbencher sacked by Theresa May and has since devoted his energies to the European Research Group. Gave his letter to Sir Graham Brady the bold header ‘She Just Doesn’t Listen’, like a bar-room bore moaning about his wife

Zac Goldsmith

43, Richmond Park

Multimillionaire son of the Referendum Party founder James Goldsmith and one of the wealthiest people in Parliament. Ran a disastrously ill-judged campaign against Sadiq Khan for the London mayoralty in 2016. Was endorsed by UKIP when he sparked a by-election in 2016 in opposition to Heathrow expansion

Chris Green

45, Bolton West

Former picture frame factory worker whose impact on the life of the nation since being elected to Parliament has been negligible

Philip Hollobone

54, Kettering

Ruddy-faced right-winger who supports the privatisation of the NHS and BBC, the return of the death penalty and conscription and the banning of the burka. Contemporary of Nigel Farage at school and a member of the hard-right Monday Club at university. Campaigns in a Union Jack flag in Kettering, where he is known as “the UKIP MP”

Adam Holloway

53, Gravesham

Former journalist who, when asked by his local paper the News Shopper in 2009 what his holiday plans were, responded “I will be going to Hawaii for 69 days – now fuck off”. Told Parliament earlier this year that sleeping rough was “a lot more comfortable” than military exercises and that the majority of rough sleepers were “foreign nationals”

Andrea Jenkyns

44, Morley and Outwood

Hardline Brexiteer who captured Ed Balls’ Morley and Outwood seat in 2015 in a result which briefly seemed quite funny until she opened her mouth and everyone pined for the shoe-shuffling former shadow chancellor back. Appears to believe we are at war, declaring Britain should ‘go down fighting’ rather than ‘surrendering to EU demands’

Anne Marie Morris

61, Newton Abbot

Had the Conservative whip suspended last year after being recorded on a parliamentary panel using the racist idiom “n***** in the woodpile” to describe the threat of leaving the EU without a deal. A few weeks earlier her partner and election agent Roger Kendrick had said problems in the British education system were “due entirely to non-British born immigrants and their high birth rates”

Sheryll Murray

62, South East Cornwall

Backbencher once accused of being unable to vote in the Commons after “rather a liquid evening”, reports of which she responded to by calling for tougher press regulation. Made headlines during last year’s general election campaign when she told a hustings “I am really pleased we have food banks in South East Cornwall” then asked an aide to call police after being heckled

Jacob Rees-Mogg

49, North East Somerset

Leader of the headbanger, moon-on-a-stick wing of Tory MPs who congregate under the European Research Group banner, the Old Etonian has somehow managed to craft an image of a politician of stature in post-Brexit Britain despite having no frontbench experience

Laurence Robertson

60, Tewkesbury

Former chairman of the Northern Ireland Select Committee who has said that “having too many people in different multi-racial groups makes society very difficult to manage, especially in certain parts of the country”. Opposed both devolution and the Good Friday Agreement

Lee Rowley

37, North East Derbyshire

Commons newbie who in March launched Freer, an organisation to promote a freer society and economy through liberal economic and social policies which nobody has heard of or from since

Henry Smith

49, Crawley

Obscure backbencher previously best-known for being exposed as a member of a private Facebook group which called for the return of workhouses, the privatisation of the NHS and the sale of all council homes. The group, called British Ultra Liberal Youth – The Ultras, had 14 members

John Whittingdale

59, Maldon

Former culture, media and sport secretary sacked by Theresa May upon taking office. Former political secretary to Margaret Thatcher, he is an opponent of same-sex marriage who has voted against transparency on equal pay. Two years ago admitted accepting free hospitality from a London lapdancing club while chairing an inquiry into its licensing regime

Martin Vickers

68, Cleethorpes

Opponent of same-sex marriage who has been in Parliament for seven years without anyone really noticing

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