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Who is on the BBC Question Time panel tonight?

Who is on Question Time tonight and where do they stand on Brexit? Here’s your guide…

The BBC’s flagship current affairs programme tonight comes from Caernarfon, the heavily-Welsh speaking town in the north-west of Wales. Ond pwy sydd ar y Panel? A beth yw eu barn am Brexit? Here’s your guide…

John Mann

Who? Labour MP for Bassetlaw

Where is he on Brexit? One of Labour’s few out-and-out Brexiteers, he has described a ‘soft Brexit’ – that is, staying in the single market and customs union – as “a betrayal of Brexit and all the Labour voters who voted for Brexit”

An outspoken Brexiteer who has described leaving the EU an opportunity “to be looking into the fourth industrial revolution” and the bloc itself as “fundamentally broken” and said that it is “not sustainable to have 300,000 new people added to the population every year”. Although has said “there’s nothing wrong with us trading with Europe”, which is good of him, given that’s where 44% of our exports go. A grammar school boy and trade union official before entering Parliament, where he has been a vocal public critic of both Gordon Brown and Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, taking a breather in between to call on Ed Miliband to give those in the PLP critical of his leadership “the boot”. A Yorkshireman who makes Geoff Boycott’s vocal style appear taciturn.

Isabel Oakeshott

Who? Journalist, it says here

Where is she on Brexit? Passionate Brexiteer and official chronicler of Nigel Farage and Arron Banks’ Leave.EU campaign

A journalist who has made herself the story over the past week after admitting that, while sifting through the old photos, schoolbooks and toys from cereal packets clogging up her attic, she discovered paperwork showing that Leave.EU’s leading lights had met with the Russian ambassador rather more times than originally stated. The paperwork founds its way into the Sunday Times at the weekend after the Observer’s Carole Cadwalladr uncovered evidence of the additional meetings and approached Banks for comment. Oakeshott, who describes herself as “a passionate Brexiteer” has said there is no evidence the Russia links influenced the referendum vote, which coincidentally is precisely the same amount of evidence for the story of David Cameron and a pig’s head she used to flog her biography of him.

Dominic Grieve

Who? Conservative MP for Beaconsfield and former attorney general

Where is he on Brexit? Firm Remainer and de facto leader of the pro-EU rebels on the Tory benches

A lawyer, former attorney general and pro-European, Grieve was warned by Jacob Rees-Mogg in today’s Daily Mail that he “should be careful about the company he keeps”, making Rees-Mogg sound like the worst’s worst Mafioso. It came after Grieve was seen entering a meeting of fellow pro-Europeans. Grieve, a firm Remainer, was one of just three Conservative MPs, along with Anna Soubry and Ken Clarke, to vote for the Lords amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill on keeping the UK within the EEA. Withdrew an amendment to the Bill earlier this week after an assurance from the prime minister that changes would be introduced to ensure that MPs get a real say on the final deal. His calm, scholarly manner against the shouting, desk-whacking Brexit tag team of Mann and Oakeshott should be the tactical match-up of the night.

Matthew Wright

Who? TV presenter and former tabloid journalist

Where is he on Brexit? Unclear, but has said “most of the politicians I’ve spoken to accept that they’re not entirely clear what’s going on”

Long-time presenter of Channel 5 morning oddity The Wright Stuff, Wright presented his last programme today, telling his viewers: ‘As I stare toward a future with no idea what’s ahead, it’s a bit like Brexit, isn’t it?’. Slipping into the bloke on the street role on Question Time held last week by Richard Madeley, who coincidentally filled in for Wright while the latter was strolling around topless in the I’m A Celebrity jungle. Seemingly left-leaning, he has criticised corporate tax avoidance and defended political correctness on his programme, and was apparently involved in student politics at Exeter University, although did go on to join The Sun as showbusiness correspondent. Hosted The Big Benefits Row: Live on Channel 5 with Ken Livingstone and Katie Hopkins, an event which future historians may see as a nadir in public discourse.

Leanne Wood

Who? Leader of Plaid Cymru

Where is she on Brexit? Like her entire party, firmly Remain. Has said she is “a Welsh European, and no government, state or Brexiteer should be allowed to take that away from me or anyone else”

The only Welsh representative in a very Welsh part of Wales – which should spark Twitter fury – Wood was the surprise choice to succeed Ieuan Wyn Jones as Plaid leader in March 2012. Radical, republican, feminist and pro-independence, she has, however, failed to turn the dial much in terms of Plaid’s electoral success and said this week she would step down in 2021 if not elected first minister. Her party earlier this year launched an ‘I Am European’ campaign to show how Welsh people consider EU citizenship a key aspect of their identity, despite the country voting to Leave. Came to UK-wide prominence in last year’s leaders’ debates when now-forgotten Ukip leader Paul Nuttall inexplicably kept calling her Natalie. Should get support tonight in front of a home crowd.

Question Time is on BBC One at 10.45pm tonight (11.15pm in Northern Ireland).

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