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Who is on the BBC Question Time panel tonight?

Fiona Bruce, presenter of the BBC's Question Time - Credit: BBC

Who is on Question Time tonight and where do they stand on Brexit? Here’s your guide…

The BBC’s flagship current affairs programme tonight comes from Dulwich’s James Allen’s Girls’ School, whose alumni include the actress Sally Hawkins. But who will prove Happy-Go-Lucky about Brexit – and who will find themselves getting An Education from their fellow panellists? Here’s who’s who and where they stand on Brexit…

Jeremy Wright

Who? Digital, culture, media and sport secretary

Where is he on Brexit? Campaigned for Remain. Said not to want to rule out a second referendum but does not want a long extension

An unorthodox appointment to the digital, culture, media and sport brief last year for four reasons. He’s not digital (he hasn’t tweeted in a personal capacity for four years and one of his only two tweets was ‘Set up my offical [sic] Twitter account’). He’s not cultured (he relaxes by spending time with his ‘very large’ Lego collection). He’s not interested in the media (he told a conference of newspaper editors that the only publication he subscribed to was Time magazine and he couldn’t name a female commentator he liked reading) or sport much (he likes golf but not football). Almost appeared as a hologram at the 2018 Conservative conference like Arnold J. Rimmer, a reference he almost certainly won’t get. Said to be one of the two strongest to speak out against a long delay at this week’s epic Cabinet meeting, alongside Gavin Williamson.

David Lammy

Who? Labour MP for Tottenham

Where is he on Brexit? Remain ultra. One of the strongest voices for a People’s Vote on any final Brexit deal

One of the 35 Labour MPs who nominated Jeremy Corbyn for the party leadership despite not wanting him to win, Lammy has since sought to atone by being one of the most vocal anti-Brexit voices on the backbenches. Has described it as ‘a con, a trick, a swindle, a fraud. A deception that will hurt most of those people it promised to help. A dangerous fantasy which will make every problem it claims to solve worse. A campaign won on false promises and lies.’ You get where he lies. Says Labour MPs with large a large Leave vote among their constituents ‘must not patronise them with cowardice’. Blotted his copybook in 2013 by complaining the BBC had made a ‘silly innuendo about the race’ of the next Pope after it asked ‘will smoke be black or white?’, the traditional way of the Vatican indicating whether a new Pontiff had been elected.

Mairead McGuinness

Who? First vice president of the European Parliament

Where is she on Brexit? Strongly anti, she has described it as ‘an emotional issue’ and warned it could destroy UK-Ireland relations

Described by the Irish World as ‘one of Ireland’s most prominent and most ambitious MEPs’, McGuiness has held the role of first vice president of the European Parliament since January 2017. A former presenter of RTÉ’s Celebrity Farm turned Fine Gael MEP, she has said the UK’s Brexit border plans ‘are more than the UK wanting to have its cake and eat it, it’s an attempt to have its cake and eat ours too’. Made headlines by claiming Britain’s exit would cause a more radical change in its relationship with Ireland than the 1916 Easter Rising or partition ever did. Said last year: ‘I’m not going to speak directly to Brexiteers because every time I do they tweet things I’d rather not see, so with respect, I hope that they hear my words as honourable words.’ Mairead, meet the Question Time audience.

Ash Sarkar

Who? Journalist with Novara Media and political activist

Where is she on Brexit? Would ‘rather remain’ but ‘that horizon is fraff without addressing the crisis in which we live – blossoming household debt, falling wages, half of young mums skipping meals to feed their kids’

A senior editor at Novara Media, the alternative media site which takes on the biased, kowtowing MSM by preaching the gospel of Jeremy Corbyn, a man of unique virtue unparalleled in human history. Like her colleague Aaron Bastani, Sarkar calls for something called ‘luxury communism’ and last year told Good Morning Britain she was ‘literally a communist’, much to the bemusement of viewers who had no idea what she was talking about and had only tuned in as Lorraine was interviewing Jack and Dani from Love Island in a bit. Like Owen Jones, another proponent of the exciting transformation of journalism from the production and distribution of reports on recent events to shouting at people on Twitter. Tweeted ahead of tonight’s programme ‘Nervousness level: texting everyone in my contacts list ‘im dying LMAOOOOOOO’,’ displaying the fear anyone would feel at debating oratorical titan Jeremy Wright.

Charles Moore

Who? Journalist and former editor of the Daily Telegraph

Where is he on Brexit? Arch-Brexiteer who has referred to Remainers as ‘head-bangers’

Cartoonish old-school Tory and Margaret Thatcher fanboy, Moore is a long-term eurosceptic who has accused the EU of ‘imperial overstretch and imperialist doctrines’. Described Theresa May’s deal on Brexit as a ‘complete capitulation’. An open advocate of a no-deal Brexit and trade on WTO terms, he has compared EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier to the crocodile in Peter Pan who ‘has just swallowed Britain’s hand and liked the taste so much that he wants the rest of it’. The Old Etonian and former Spectator editor is a fervent critic of the BBC (too left-wing), the NHS (‘a terrible organisation’), the Church of England (he converted to Catholicism in protest at the ordination of women priests), Islam (‘a proselytising religion [which] seeks to convert the whole of humanity’) and modern life more generally.

Question Time is on BBC One at 10.35pm tonight (11.15pm in Northern Ireland)

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