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Who is on the BBC Question Time panel tonight?

Question Time presenter Fiona Bruce. Photograph: BBC. - Credit: Archant

Who is on Question Time tonight and where do they stand on Brexit? Here’s your guide…

The BBC’s flagship current affairs programme tonight comes from Leicester, hometown of two of England’s heroes of Italia 90. But who will be the enlightened, liberal face of Remain like Gary Lineker – and who knocks out boorish pro-Brexit cheerleading on Twitter like Peter Shilton? Here’s tonight’s panel and where they stand on Brexit

Matt Hancock

Who? Health secretary

Where is he on Brexit? Broadly, wherever he needs to be to ensure the continued presence of Matt Hancock in the cabinet

Skilled political chameleon/shameless charlatan (delete as appropriate) who ran for the Tory leadership earlier this year as a Cameroon liberal only to throw his lot in wholesale with Boris Johnson as soon as it became clear there was no appetite for such heathenry in the Conservative ranks any more. Told The Times early in his campaign that “the brutal truth” was that “no-deal is not a policy option available to the next prime minister whether they like it or not”, only to announce five weeks later that “my view on that has changed” and that actually it was a perfectly good option. Reported to have told Theresa May’s cabinet last November that people would die from lack of medicines in the event of no-deal, he now says that “I guarantee that we now have all plans in place to make sure that the NHS will be prepared whatever the Brexit scenario.” As culture secretary launched an app called Matt Hancock giving people information about Matt Hancock which was riddled with bugs and asked for a whole host of access permissions which were utterly superfluous for its functionality.

Anneliese Dodds

Who? Well, quite. Shadow Treasury minister

Where is she on Brexit? Initially woolly but now on board for a second referendum

A university lecturer and MEP elected to Parliament in 2017, Dodds served 25 days on the backbenches before being promoted to Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow team, where she vies for the hotly-contested title of shortest Wikipedia entry (281 words, 120 less than little-remembered 1980s comedy band The Grumbleweeds). A Yvette Cooper supporter in 2015 who swiftly transferred her loyalty and politics to Team Jez, she said on Any Questions earlier this year: “Well I guess I’m anti-Brexit. Well no, not guess, I am anti-Brexit. I didn’t think to start with that we should have another vote but the way things have gone I think now we should.” Expect more fiery rhetoric like that tonight. Seen by colleagues as “safe”. Most interesting fact about Anneliese Dodds: she has used the word ‘bricolage’ – the construction or creation of a work from a diverse range of things that happen to be available – twice in parliamentary debates, making her the only MP to use the word in the past 219 years.

Philippa Whitford

Who? SNP spokeswoman on health at Westminster

Where is she on Brexit? Like the overwhelming majority of her party, anti. Has described it as “absolutely disastrous” for Scotland

Confusingly an SNP spokeswoman at Westminster on a topic entirely devolved to Holyrood, Whitford’s appearance tonight is, if anything, an annoyance to nationalists with their tweets already scheduled about the continued lack of SNP representation on QT. Considered a particularly smart cookie – she’s a breast surgeon as well as politician – she is married to a German national and has delivered some smart lines on Brexit, saying a Scotland remaining in the UK is “stuck in the boot of Boris’ car with duct tape over our mouths”. After spending “three years trying to get the health benefits of Brexit on the [UK] Government’s agenda”, has said: “I’ve been ignored, I’ve been patronised, I’ve had a load of cheek in the chamber. And now of course you’ll have seen the Yellowhammer report which literally lists all the things that I’ve been talking about for the last three years.” Has said on a second independence referendum: “This time, there are not multiple choices, there are only two choices: the upheaval and chaos of Brexit, or the upheaval of independence.” The doctor is likely to give Hancock his biggest headache tonight.

Martin Daubney

Who? Brexit Party MEP for the West Midlands

Where is he on Brexit? He wants it properly hard

Enjoyed Julia Hartley-Brewer last week? Well, Daubney is her male equivalent – if only us lads were actually allowed a say these days, eh boys? A subreddit on when Men’s International Day is made flesh, Daubney was the longest serving editor of late lads’ mag Loaded, performing the vital democratic role of ensuring Hollyoaks actresses were photographed in their underwear before bringing his intellectual heft to the political stage and being elected a Brexit Party MEP earlier this year. Organised a ‘straight pride’ march in London in 2007, where he dressed as a caveman, wore an “It’s great to be straight” sticker and said heterosexuality had become “terribly unfashionable”, which at least would explain why no children have been born in the ensuing 12 years. Says: “Westminster is meant to be full of experts and where have they got us? Nowhere. They have refused to enact the will of the people and people are sick to the back teeth of so-called experts because they exist in a world of self-interest and aren’t interested in what the common person thinks.” AMIRITE, BOYS? OI OI!

Javed Khan

Who? Chief executive of Barnardo’s

Where is he on Brexit? Position means he steers clear of political positioning. Strongest intervention to say that it was “vital” the UK remained members of cross-border agencies like Europol and Eurojust

Tonight’s strong contender for Worthy Individual Who Will Nevertheless Struggle To Get A Word In Over Mouthier Panellists, Khan has been chief executive of Barnardo’s since 2014, having previously been chief executive of Victim Support. Was among a number of children’s charity chiefs who signed a blog for Huffpost last December saying “whatever comes out of Brexit, our focus needs to return to the fundamental issues which will shape the lives of future generations”. Sadly, most of today’s children are expected to be long retired and living in Jeff Bezos’ pods on the Moon by the time Brexit is anything close to sorted. Has tweeted “#Brexit’s important but it’s not the only issue facing us. For children, parents &frontline staff @barnardos, the Big B never comes up! They face some serious challenges, &they want to hear that politicians &the media are taking those challenges seriously too.” Likely to be his pitch tonight. Shares his name with a magician who won last year’s India’s Got Talent, who would at least have been a bit of a laugh.

Question Time is on BBC One at the new time of 10.40pm tonight (11.25pm in Northern Ireland)

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