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Who is on the BBC Question Time panel tonight?

Fiona Bruce, presenter of the BBC's Question Time - Credit: BBC

Who is on Question Time tonight and where do they stand on Brexit? Here’s your guide…

The BBC’s flagship current affairs programme tonight comes from South Shields, hometown of 50% of Little Mix. But whose performance will we Salute – and whose Glory Days are long gone? Here’s you full guide to the panel and where they stand on Brexit…

Norman Lamont

Who? Ask your parents, kids. Conservative peer

Where is he on Brexit? No-deal advocate and chairman of the hardline Leave Means Leave group

As redolent of the grim early 1990s as Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine playing the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party, Lamont was John Major’s chancellor under whom the government was forced to withdraw the pound from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, triggering Black Wednesday and an estimated hit to the Treasury of £3.3bn. Later boasted at a press conference that his wife had heard him singing in the bath that morning, a claim to which, asked about later, he quoted the Edith Piaf song Je ne regrette rien, a response which his friend the former Labour MP Woodrow Wyatt – father of sometime Boris Johnson paramour Petronella – defended on that evening’s Newsnight by saying Lamont did an excellent impersonation of an owl. Was at the centre of a brief and weird scandal in 1992 after an off-licence manager falsely claimed he’d bought cheap wine and Raffles cigarettes at his shop. Simpler times.

Richard Leonard

Who? Leader of the Scottish Labour Party

Where is he on Brexit? Firmly anti-Brexit, he has said his party should have a clear policy to remain in the EU

Leader of Scottish Labour – who, like Norman Lamont, were big in the 1990s before sinking into near-irrelevance – since 2017, which makes him one of the longest-serving in the role in the past decade. A faithful Corbynista who believes his leader is a man of unique virtue unparalleled in human history, he has nevertheless risked the wrath of Seumas Milne et al by deviating on Brexit policy in the wake of the party’s disastrous European election results. Called last month called for Labour to say its preference was to remain in the EU, saying: “I do think that we need clarity in our position. So you would expect me to be arguing, as I am, that means we need to be clearer in our position going into any public vote.” Despite being leader of Scottish Labour, is as English as a sexually-repressed Morris dancer.

Caroline Voaden

Who? Liberal Democrat MEP for South West England

Where is she on Brexit? Fully on board with party policy to revoke Article 50 in the event of a Lib Dem majority in a general election

Former Reuters journalist who has lived and work in six European countries – and so is probably one of those citizens of nowhere Theresa May warned you about – Voaden was elected to the European Parliament earlier this year. Caused a minor stir by saying “bollocks” when being interviewed by Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain, which is absolutely the correct response to being interviewed by Piers Morgan. Has said: “The Liberal Democrats are always accused of being the reasonable party, we don’t get asked onto Question Time because we don’t say anything controversial enough, we are nice and polite.” So now she has been invited on, if she doesn’t at the very least say something about Normal Lamont akin to Julian Clary at the 1993 British Comedy Awards we’ll be very disappointed (Google it, kids. Maybe not at work).

Kate Andrews

Who? Associate director of free-market think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs

Where is she on Brexit? Brexit cheerleader on the Liz Truss swashbucklin’ Global Britain wing

Previously head of communications at the Adam Smith Institute and staffer on Mitt Romney’s unsuccessful presidential campaign, Andrews is tonight’s panellist who will get a fawning write-up on the Express’ website tomorrow for TAKING DOWN REMOANERS by reminding them they lost the referendum. Told the audience on a previous appearance that Britain would be “richer if you use the process of Brexit to be optimistic and to try and pursue the best deals possible” – the sort of detailed analysis which earns one the think tank big bucks. Has suggested that the no-deal Hard Brexit favoured by some on the Tory right wouldn’t be a disaster, saying: “I don’t think that a bare-bones Brexit would be the end of the world.” An American, she has written touchingly that “I can celebrate from both sides of the pond the opportunities Brexit creates”.

Ken Loach

Who? Director

Where is he on Brexit? Anti-Brexit but argues there are more important issues to tackle

A maker of films where good honest working class folk from the north follow a hard day down the pits by discussing Hegelian dialectics over a dinner of bread and dripping, Loach is a hardline Corbynista to make Richard Leonard look a bit wobbly. Has been a vocal and angry critic of Labour politicians who have been disloyal to the Absolute Boy’s leadership ever since he joined the party in 2015 following years supporting Left Unity and Respect. Dismissive of claims of anti-semitism within Labour, he said last month that “the issue of health, and our schools, poverty, inequality and climate change — the big existing problems have all arisen while within the European Union, they transcend Brexit and are more important” and “never mind Brexit, never mind false smears, this is what this country needs.” Made a film, In Conversation With Jeremy Corbyn, which would make the Chinese Communist Party cringe.

Question Time is on BBC One at the new time of 10.35pm tonight (11.15pm in Northern Ireland)

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