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Who is on the BBC Question Time panel tonight?

Fiona Bruce, presenter of the BBC's Question Time - Credit: BBC

Who is on Question Time tonight and where do they stand on Brexit? Here’s your guide…

The BBC’s flagship current affairs programme tonight comes from Tottenham, home of Spurs. But who’ll set the place alight like Harry Kane – and whose attempts to hit the target will fail as much as Vincent Janssen? Here’s who’s on the panel and where they stand on Brexit…

Margot James

Who? Well, quite. Minister for digital and creative industries

Where is she on Brexit? Remain voter who backed Theresa May’s withdrawal deal but fiercely opposes a no-deal Brexit

One of the few remaining Tory MPs who aren’t stark raving bonkers, James backed Remain in the referendum and last year bravely told cabbies’ favourite LBC she’d do the same again. Threatened earlier this year to quit the government in the event of a no-deal Brexit, saying she “couldn’t be part of a government that allowed the country to leave the European Union without a deal”. Her constituency of Stourbridge voted heavily to Leave, causing her to write a blogpost in February saying that while “I am very well aware that my constituents voted to Leave in large numbers… I cannot ignore the national poll, in which the margin was very much smaller, in my view a result that does not provide a mandate for leaving the EU without any deal at all.” The first openly lesbian Conservative MP, she backed lovable oddball Rory Stewart for the party leadership.

Laura Pidcock

Who? Shadow business minister

Where is she on Brexit? Supporter of Jeremy Corbyn’s policy of constructive ambiguity

A fervent supporter of Corbyn, a man of unique virtue unparalleled in human history, 31-year-old Pidcock is spoken of as a future Labour leader and endeared herself to the membership shortly after being elected in 2017 when she declared she could never be friends with a Tory. Rarely outspoken on Brexit. she has said it is “not the only issue” and dismissed calls for Labour to take a more explicitly pro-Remain stance after its dismal European election result, saying: “Tomorrow morning, working-class communities will wake to the same issues, worries and fears. We have to deliver a society that brings together Leave and Remain and works for all.” Her North West Durham constituency voted 55% to Leave. A darling of the alt-left media, has said that “there’s no appetite for the political centre anymore”. Is likely to point out once or twice tonight she is from the north.

Sir Ed Davey

Who? Liberal Democrat spokesman on home affairs

Where is he on Brexit? The Lib Dems’ slogan in the European election campaign was the ambiguous ‘Bollocks to Brexit’

A candidate for leadership of the Lib Dems, a party showing there is no appetite for the political centre anymore by beating Corbyn’s Labour into third place in the European election, Davey stands out among the runners and riders by being The One Who Is A Bloke. Energy and climate change secretary in the coalition, he is currently riding behind Jo Swinson with the bookies in the race to lead his party. Says: “We want to pass a law that if you got to the cliff edge that the default would be revocation, not crashing out. People who realise no-deal is a disaster ought to vote for that legislation – I include people in the current cabinet.” Cooler than Swinson on the idea of working with other centrist parties in the future, according to an interview in today’s Grimsby Telegraph, Grimsby would be at the front of his mind if he wins.

Kwasi Kwarteng

Who? Junior Brexit minister

Where is he on Brexit? A firm Brexiteer

A convinced Brexiteer, Kwarteng’s loud televised attacks on opponents tend to get glowing coverage on the Express’ website, which regularly breathlessly reports he had BLASTED or, more usually, SHUT DOWN Remainers. A backer of fellow Old Etonian Boris Johnson for the Conservative leadership, he has been wheeled for media duties on his behalf during the campaign while Johnson’s team hide him in a broom cupboard. Kwarteng has insisted Johnson will be able to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement, saying he is “an effective communicator as well and I think he will shift the dynamic of this Brexit issue”. Likely to be rewarded with a better job if the floppy-haired fabulist makes it into No 10. A former financial services analyst, Kwarteng was on the Trinity College team which won University Challenge in 1995 and DESTROYED their opponents.

Tim Martin

Who? Businessman, Brexit Party backer and founder of pub chain Wetherspoon

Where is he on Brexit? Hard Brexiteer who has plastered his beermats with political messages, to the confusion of people who’d only popped in for a pre-10am livener

One of the more vocal Brexiteers in the business world, Martin has described Brexit as a “new Magna Carta”. Prior to the referendum frequently blamed the EU for tax rises which in actual fact had nothing to do with the EU; now uses his position to campaign for the hardest of Brexits (although he’d quite like his own staff to stay “since virtually no one wants hard-working immigrants from the EU to leave the UK”). Last year announced he was banning booze produced in the EU, saying that selling drinks from Britain and across the world could give British customers access to “superior” products. Quite right, get rid of that crappy German and Belgian beer. Will tonight eschew wearing a suit for a polo shirt to show he’s a Proper Bloody Bloke, unlike the rest of the panel who are in it for themselves. This year’s Sunday Times Rich List estimated his wealth at £437m.

Question Time is on BBC One at 10.35pm tonight (11.15pm in Northern Ireland)

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