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Who is on the BBC Question Time panel tonight?

Who is on Question Time tonight and where do they stand on Brexit? Here’s your guide…

The BBC’s flagship current affairs programme tonight comes from Barrow-in-Furness’ Forum venue, which just tomorrow night will play host to Suggs from Madness. But who will prove themselves One Step Beyond shifting public opinion on Brexit – and who will be just an Embarrassment? Here’s who’s who and where they stand on Brexit…

Andrea Jenkyns

Who? Conservative MP for Morley and Outwood

Where is she on Brexit? Ultra Brexiteer. Has repeatedly called for Theresa May to stand aside in favour of a fellow true believer, saying “betraying Leave voters will have catastrophic consequences for our party and democracy”

Hardline Brexiteer who captured Ed Balls’ Morley and Outwood seat in 2015 in a result which briefly seemed quite funny until she opened her mouth and everyone pined for the shoe-shuffling former shadow chancellor back. A backer of the #StandUp4Brexit faction in the Tory Party, she resigned a junior government role nobody knew she held in May this year to, she said, “fight for Brexit”. Asked May, who she now calls to stand down on a daily basis, during PMQs in July “when did Leave become Remain”, causing Philip Hammond to be caught on camera muttering “stupid woman”. Appears to believe we are at war, declaring Britain should ‘go down fighting’ rather than ‘surrendering to EU demands’, comments described by Conservative colleague Anna Soubry as “quite extraordinary”. In terms of conservative thinkers, makes Nadine Dorries look like Ayn Rand.

Lisa Nandy

Who? Labour MP for Wigan

Where is she on Brexit? Remain campaigner whose constituency’s 63.9% vote to leave has seen her make her peace with the decision

Former junior spokeswoman under Ed Miliband, Nandy served in Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet until after the Brexit referendum when, in common with many of her colleagues, she concluded he was rubbish and quit. Very much the epitome of Labour’s “soft left”, she served as co-chair of Owen Smith’s campaign when he challenged Corbyn and has since spoken of the abuse she has received from Corbynistas, comparing it to the far right. A Remainer, she said earlier this year “I don’t feel there is a strong appetite for a second referendum” and that “it feels to me that having had that debate and had the questions settled as far as most people are concerned, the result would be very much like the last one, if not more emphatic for Leave”. Spoken of as a potential future leader before Labour went mad.

Hannah Bardell

Who? SNP MP for Livingstone and Westminster culture spokesperson

Where is she on Brexit? Like the overwhelming majority of her party, firmly opposed. Made a name for herself delivering an anti-Brexit spoken word performance in the Commons

MP for Livingston since 2015, the former oil and gas industry worker made headlines in January this year when she turned Trainspotting’s ‘Choose Life’ speech into a rap in the Commons while fellow SNP MP David Linden beatboxed – a performance which, in the absence of much more being known about her, it’s worth quoting at length. “B, R, E, X, I, T, fed up with Brexit? Me three/Trade relations, heading down the swanny/If it doesn’t fit on the side of a bus, let’s not say it, don’t make a fuss/Phase one was a floundering mess, the prime minister said she did her best/The Irish border was the sticking point and the DUP/Cross-border trade we’re told is possible, it’s about wording, you see/A fudge not a dodge, and has the Right Honourable lady for Maidenhead really lost the thread?”. Later conceded on her rapping: “I think I need lessons.”

Paul Mason

Who? Journalist and commentator

Where is he on Brexit? It’s complicated. Has been on a journey from making a “strategic and clear” left-wing case for Brexit to now backing a second referendum

Respected economics editor of Channel 4 News until the Corbynite remodelling of the Labour Party occurred, at which point he jacked it in, put on a leather jacket and started talking like one of those people peddling odd pamphlets outside Bethnal Green Tube station, albeit while looking like a recently-divorced dad. Formerly involved in far-left Trotskyist politics, now says he identifies with “radical social democracy”. Made a left-wing case for Brexit in 2016, saying the EU provided “the most hospitable ecosystem in the developed world for rentier monopoly corporations, tax-dodging elites and organised crime”. Now calls for a second referendum with the option of a Norway-style EEA deal. There’s a drinking game for every time Mason mentions “neo-liberalism”, “Murdoch” and “the military-industrial complex”, but you’d die so we can’t endorse it.

Sebastian Payne

Who? Financial Times political leader writer

Where is he on Brexit? The FT is ardently anti-Brexit, but Payne previously worked as a reporter and editor at the Brexit cheerleaders the Telegraph and Spectator

Writer of the Pink ‘Un’s weighty political leaders, pored over in the City, Payne also presents the FT’s political podcast and used to write for the Spectator and Telegraph. Wrote last week: “Before the vote to leave the EU, many Brexit supporters predicted that leaving would be very straightforward. Some said it would be striking the easiest trade deal in history because Britain would hold all the cards. Yet, more than two years since the vote to leave, there is still scarce clarity about where the process is heading or what the longer term relations between the UK and the EU will look like.” Basically this week’s “it’s a bit more complicated than that” booking, so good luck to him sat between Jenkyns and Mason.

Question Time is on BBC One at 10.45pm tonight (11.20pm in Northern Ireland).

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